A. Ntountounaki Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Ntountounaki, who was born in 1995, learned to swim at the age of five. She never in her wildest dreams thought she’d be competing for her country in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 15 years later!

A. Ntountounaki worked hard from Rio to Tokyo and established herself as a top Greek swimmer. At the Tokyo Olympics, Poseidon’s swimmer Ilissia placed 17th in the 100-meter butterfly, setting a new national record in the process with a time of 58.27 seconds.

Her relentless development peaked in 2019 at the European Championships in Glasgow, where she won bronze. The fact that it was the first Greek to win a medal at the European level in a 25-meter-square pool makes her success all the more noteworthy.

A. Ntountounaki Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

To compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, A. Ntountounaki needed to meet a qualifying standard, which she did in the July World Championship in South Korea.

Excellence in Both Athletics and the Classroom

A. Ntountounaki is an outstanding student who also excels in a number of competitive sports. A. Ntountounaki has been an excellent student ever since she was a teen, and she graduated from college with an A+ in law.

Later, she attended the University of London to earn a master’s degree in Commercial and Corporate Law. A. Ntountounaki’s fluent in three tongues and adores the piano. She is able to embrace her diversity thanks to her success in both athletics and academia.

To Have Bwin on Her Side!

It’s not easy to excel at both a competitive sport and an academic profession, but bwin is on Doudounaki’s side to make it easier. Thanks to bwin’s generosity, A. Ntountounaki is able to attend more international training camps and alter her approach to preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games and beyond.

Final Words

A. Ntountounaki, 25, is a swimmer from the city of Chania on the Greek island of Crete. A. Ntountounaki will compete in the 4100 metre medley relay and the 100 metre butterfly, both of which she swam in at the 2016 Olympics.