9 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz in 2022

The popularity of anime has skyrocketed in recent years. As a result, the number of anime-related websites has exploded. A user’s favourite shows and movies may be found quickly and effortlessly. Among them is Anilinkz.com.

It has a wide variety of anime content in several languages available in its database. However, like other free resources websites, Anilinkz has recently changed its domain name to Aniwatcher, and this platform is no exception.

There’s a chance you’ll run across issues while trying to use the website. Overwhelming pop-up ads and intrusive banners are the most serious problems with the website. Because of this, you might consider exploring other choices.


Alternatives to Anilinkz

If you want to watch high-definition anime streaming in a clean and unobtrusive manner, these are some of the Anilinkz competitors that we’ve carefully selected. You’re welcome to give it a go! The following are some commonly used Anilinkz substitutes:

1. The AnimeSimple

When it comes to watching anime for free, AnimeSimple is an excellent choice. If you know the anime seasons you want, you won’t have any trouble locating them. The site’s homepage is well-organized and full of useful information.

Animesim’s videos have accurate English subtitles, so you can watch your favourite shows and movies from around the world with no trouble at all.

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2. AnimeTake.com

It is possible to forget about Anilinkz with the help of AnimeTake, one of the platforms. Films are available in resolutions ranging from 720p to 360p, which is one of the platform’s most impressive features.

AnimeTake’s user-friendly design is another way it sets itself apart from the competitors. To narrow down your search results, start with the alphabetical search and look under each letter from A to Z. AnimeTake has a wide variety of genres to choose from, so you’re sure to discover something you’ll enjoy.

3. The AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another another excellent site where you can watch anime for free. Additionally, it has a vast amount of information to help its users. It is secure to browse the website, and the design is user-friendly. However, you’ll enjoy the site’s colour scheme anyway.

All of the content is available in high-resolution form. As soon as you tap on the name, you start to view the episodes. It’s possible to narrow down your search by genre with the help of this website.

On top of all that, you can just go right into watching the episode you want to see. Click the link to go to the official website instead; it’s an amazing choice! In HD, you may watch anime shows that are completely free.

In addition, the system is well-structured and easy to navigate. On this site, you may watch anime on your mobile device because it’s compatible with all platforms and devices.

4. Torrents from Nyaa

If you’re a fan of anime and enjoy downloading them, you’ve probably come across NYAA.

Many anime episodes could be downloaded free of charge from the website without any hassles. As a public torrent tracker, it served up a wide variety of content, from Japanese TV series to Korean TV shows.

It also contained Asian content, making it easy to download and watch no matter where you are. Because they couldn’t imagine life without NYAA, its users were enraged. However, there are various alternatives to Nyaa Torrents that can perform the same functions as NYAA.

NYAA is an amazing organisation. However, despite the fact that there is no website that can truly replace NYAA, the world must go on.

NYAA was, without a doubt, a popular anime front page website. A few years ago, the website was taken down from the internet. However, there are other mirror sites that may be found online.

It is possible to access the downloaded content on other websites, however this is a last resort option. It’s possible that certain websites won’t work in your area. Using a virtual private network (VPN) may be an option in this situation.

5. Subs

Without a doubt, the best Anilinkz substitute has been HorribleSubs. NYAA’s website homepage features an announcement about the organization’s demise. Anime download sites like Anilinkz and Horrible Subs offer similar content, but Anilinkz has the most user-friendly interface.

This is even stranger: before downloading any content from HorribleSubs, you are required to first disguise your IP address, which we find really helpful.

6. Kiss

There’s a wide range of anime content available on Kissanime, including romantic comedies, action flicks, and even a few horror shows. Platforms like KissAnime are helping to cement the relationship between manga and anime fans. An anime enthusiast would not turn down KissAnime as a platform.

Everything that makes anime enjoyable can be found here. A large variety of anime genres are available, and new content is added on a regular basis.

Because of the speed at which it streams and the frequency with which it uploads new anime, remains a preferred choice for anime fans. That KissAnime, one of the first and most influential anime websites, has been shut down is a shock.

7. The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak website has a large library of animations, many of which are well-known anime series. You can sort anime using the navigation menu’s filters, which include: currently playing, best-rated, all-anime list, categories, most recent episodes, and the most popular anime.

This site provides both dubbed and subtitled versions of anime. There is a lot to like about the high-definition video streaming. One complaint I have with AnimeFreak is the intrusiveness of the integrated commercials.

8. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is a well-known and highly regarded legal anime streaming service. AnimeLand is a terrific resource for fans of the medium, offering everything from AnimeLand movies to AnimeLand TV episodes to English-dubbed anime.

Because the AnimeLand website had a parallax scrolling user interface, it was easy to use and understand. The AnimeLand website logo is on the upper left, and the text is animated in an animated typeface. To select your favourite anime movie series, the AnimeLand website offers a choice of options.

Users can search for their favourite anime series using the search bar and menu options. AnimeLand provides another option in our publishing menu. There are sections called Anime Land, Anime Land X-tra, and Special Issue in those publications.

The fourth category on the AnimeLand website is called Chronicles. Manga Chronicle and Animation Column are examples of subcategories in the chronicles section. On Anime Land, the sixth category is Records, In Records.

Unrestricted streaming and advertising are two of AnimeLand’s primary selling points. Anime videos can be watched for as long as the user wants without being interrupted by ads.

Many community categories are available on the AnimeLand website for visitors to use, and anime fans can ask questions about the website, anime series, and more.

There’s also the fact that it’s absolutely free to use. It is possible to access the website from any location and at any time. If you are unable to view this website in your country, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) (VPN).

9. Masterani

One of the most popular HD anime streaming services is Masterani. This website’s database is full of anime series and movies that may be streamed completely free of charge. Masterani user interface deserves special mentions.

It’s easy to read and understand, and it’s also visually appealing. As a bonus, you may check out the release dates of anime series episodes and movies. This website makes it simple for visitors to obtain a sense of when their favourite anime will be available on DVD or streaming.

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Watching and downloading anime movies is a breeze with these services. Anilinkz will not be able to compete with them. Anilinkz is without a doubt an amazing tool.

The fact that it generates a lot of popups and advertisements should not prevent anyone from watching anime. The platforms listed here aren’t just the best Aniliknz alternatives. But don’t forget that every one of them has its own unique traits.

You can satisfy your anime cravings by visiting any of the websites listed above. Listed below are just legitimate websites that may be relied upon without any reservations. There is little doubt that the existence of these websites has sparked an interest in anime.

Foreign anime streamers have a difficult time finding their favourite shows because so much anime content is exclusively available in Japan. For those in need, these online resources are a lifesaver.