Are Holly And Nathan From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Reality dating game show “Too Hot to Handle” can be found on the streaming service Netflix. The third season premiered in the late month of January 2022.

Several conventionally gorgeous twentysomethings live together in a tropical paradise and aim to go an entire season without having any sexual interaction.

There is the potential for them to win tens of thousands of dollars if they can agree to abstain from sexual activity.

Are Holly And Nathan From Too Hot To Handle Still Together?

Despite this, there has never been a season of the show where the participants’ libidos didn’t get the best of them.

Fans of the third season have pointed out that the chemistry between Nathan Mingomezulu and Holly Scarfone (dubbed #Nolly on social media) was particularly obvious.

A portion of the season’s prize money pool was lost when the couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Where are they at this time? Did this relationship last or did they end up like so many other reality television couples who never got past the honeymoon phase?

Are Nathan and Holly from Too Hot to Handle series 3 Still Together?

After Nathan and Holly got back from Too Hot to Handle, they broke up because of how difficult it was for them to see each other due to the Covid limitations they had to abide by.

In a video that THTH released a week after the series finale, Holly stated: “We’ve been great friends since day one, and we’ve always had a lot of respect for one another.

If anything, I wouldn’t say things turned out okay.” Holly said, “And I only needed a few more months to finish off my degree, and I did.

Holly tweeted a photo of her and Nathan in Nathan’s hometown of London, where they were wearing identical jumpers and taking a mirror selfie while he kissed her on the head, so it seems like they might be back together.

Since the ban was finally lifted, Holly has made several trips to the UK. She told us, “Me and Nathan, we have a fantastic tale.

I mean, he’s a great man, and I’m just so grateful that out of all the experiences, we have an incredible season.”

In addition, they have appeared in several TikTok videos together, which we take to be an extremely positive sign.


Nathan and Holly were able to succeed on Too Hot to Handle despite breaking every guideline in Lana’s playbook.

By, uh, stroking a doll that represented Nathan against the heart of a doll that represented Holly, Nathan was able to learn to control his more primitive inclinations, and Holly was able to learn to trust Nathan.

Lana had nominated Nathan at the season’s end as one of the persons who had benefited most from his time in the retreat, but he had lost the $90,000 award to another Too Hot to Handle pair Beaux and Harry.