Blood And Treasure Season 2 Release Date

From May 2019 through August 2019, CBS aired the action-adventure drama Blood and Treasure for 12 episodes. In the series, an art expert and a professional art thief work together to stop a terrorist who sells looted artwork to finance his assaults.

Over the course of 150 days, production took place in the United States, Canada, Morocco, and Italy, with three foreign cities standing in for various locales in Europe, Cuba, Africa, and the Caribbean (via the Las Vegas Review-Journal). This makes filming the show during a global pandemic much more challenging.

Even though the series (thankfully for waiting fans) managed to wrap up a lot of storyline loose ends in 12 episodes — and give some interesting twists in the process — many still want to know how the main characters’ adventures continue.

The audience wants more so they can keep on riding the roller coaster. A second season is confirmed, although no release date has been announced as of yet. This is everything we know about Season 2 of Blood and Treasure at this time.

Blood And Treasure Season 2 Release Date

About Blood and Treasure

There were many unanswered questions left over when Season 1 of Blood and Treasure concluded. These questions will be answered in the second season of Blood and Treasure. Season 2 will be delayed, so fans will have to wait a little longer.

In the second season, there will be a lot of unexpected turns and tension. Season 2 of Blood and Treasure is something we can confidently guarantee we will like.

While the cast of Blood and Treasure Season 2 has not yet been announced, fans can likely expect to see many of the same actors from the first season return.

When is the release date of Blood and Treasure season 2?

The renewal of Blood and Treasure was announced in June 2019, halfway through the first season, despite the show’s steady but unspectacular ratings growth up to that point.

Varying reports indicated that filming for Season 2 began in the fall of 2019, but it was obvious that this was not the case. Actor Matt Barr’s Instagram posts from October 2019 show him on set, although a November 2019 story from Daytime Confidential suggested that filming will commence.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl stated, “We’re leaving our options open,” indicating that the second season was likely ready for a summer 2020 or unscheduled backup COVID-19 release. The Deadline article mentioned that Blood and Treasure is still a choice.

Then, in May of 2020, showrunner Matthew Federman tweeted in response to a concerned fan: “When it is safe to do so, we will resume shooting and wrap up the season. There has been no announcement of a premiere date.” He all but admitted that season two was abandoned.

Whatever the situation may be, reports indicate that the series has been delayed until the fall of 2020 due to complications caused by a global pandemic. As of the year 2021, fans have seen almost nothing of the show’s upcoming season.

Yet, now that we are well into the year, it is widely anticipated that the series will finally debut. Since it aired in the summer of 2019, it could return then as well.

There has been no official word, and the show’s Twitter hasn’t been updated consistently since the end of the first season. In the meantime, supporters can only sit tight.

The Second Season of “Blood and Treasure” Plot

The first season left off on a cliffhanger, and we hope that the second season resolves the mystery. Having returned at the end of Season 1, Queen brings with her fresh threats. This season will follow Danny as he navigates the changes brought about by the queen’s visit. The protagonist and former FBI agent.

A brilliant antiquities expert and an art thief team up to find a brutal terrorist who funds his attacks with stolen wealth and treasure.

They stumble onto a 2,000-year-old conflict over the origins of civilisation as they try to reach their destination. There’s so much suspense surrounding the characters’ future endeavours and how they’ll deal with the challenges they’ll undoubtedly face on their route to achieving their goals.

the second season of blood and treasure cast

In Season 2 of Blood and Treasure, we may look forward to seeing the following characters again:

  • Matt Barr as Danny McNamara
  • James Callis as Simon Hardwick
  • Michael James Shaw as Aiden Shaw
  • Alicia Coppola as Dr. Ana Castillo
  • Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck
  • Oded Fehr as Karim Farouk
  • Katia Winter as Gwen Karlsson
  • Sofia Pernas as Lexi Vaziri

If there be a second season of Blood and Treasure, how many episodes can we expect?

Season 2 of The Blood and Treasure has been confirmed to have 13 episodes, the first two of which will premiere on July 17 and subsequent episodes will air weekly on Sundays.