Brooklyn Nets’ James Harden Ruled out of Game 2 with Hamstring Tightness

James Harden, a top guard for the Brooklyn Nets, will miss Monday’s Game 2 against the Milwaukee Bucks due to “right hamstring soreness.”

The Nets will wait to see how his hamstring feels after a few days. Nets head coach Steve Nash said of his player on Sunday, “He has high hopes and he wants to get back ASAP.”

Now, I believe it’s important to safeguard James as well. Let’s check his facts to make sure he’s correct.

Brooklyn Nets' James Harden Ruled out of Game 2 with Hamstring Tightness

We’ve officially entered the postseason. Now is the moment to take chances, but we won’t just take any chance.

It is therefore hoped that he will return. It’s possible, in his mind, that he can return. It remains to be seen what transpires, and only time will tell how he reacts.

With the series tied at one, Game 2 will also be Jeff Green’s absence for the Nets. Nash said Green is “progressing beautifully” after he missed more than a week with a plantar fascia strain in his left foot.

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Except for James Harden’s Hamstring, I Guess.

Harden had to leave the game in the first half with hamstring stiffness in game one of the second round playoff series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Because of his injury, he was unable to play in Game 2 and will not be able to play in Game 3 on Thursday night. Does anyone know if and when Harden will be able to play again for the Nets?

Fears that James Harden Could Miss Time Due to Injury Have Nets Supporters Worried

As expected, the Nets breezed through the first round, sweeping the Boston Celtics in four straight games.

The Bruins suffered a loss at TD Garden, but they have maintained their roster intact and made the necessary modifications to continue their season.

When playing the Bucks in the second round of the 2021 playoffs, it took the Nets only 43 seconds to go down for the first time.

Harden hobbled off the field after feeling a pull in his upper right leg while driving left on Jrue Holiday. He went inside the locker room and was never seen again.

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The hamstring injury that guard James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers has sustained will keep him out until at least the All-Star break.

Harden will not play in the All-Star Game and will not make his debut with the 76ers until at least February 25 due to his injury.

This season, Harden has been sidelined by a number of injuries, including knee hyperextension and hamstring tightness.