9 Free CAD Software for Students

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is highly useful for most content designers and creators these days. Further, CAD helps you make a variety of designs and infrastructures for dams, buildings, monuments, etc. that too within a limited time span. Second, maintaining different files and recording in CAD is also easy.

9 Free CAD Software to Download

1. ZBrushcore

If you are on this platform, you will get to learn a lot about designing different creative things all on the go. And for beginners, this is the perfect CAD level software to complete and learn different features of CAD tasks as this offers you amazing features and productivity. Afterward, features as ZBrush, Immersive Interface, Projection Painting, Dynamic Tessellation, etc.

help you a lot in gaining assistance here. Finally, even if you are bad at playing with different designs and graphic tools, ZBrushcore will help you develop an interest in various skills of graphics and designing for different industries.

This app supports: Windows and macOS

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2. SketchUp Make

This is high-class software, specially designed for professionals in the field of designing, crafting, recreating, and making designs for different industries as interior design, architecture, engineering, video game design development. Further, this is a paid software but very useful if you are a student as this offers free services and usage to students and some personal users.

Afterward, the open-source library in here gives you a platform to create a variety of 3D designs and software easily. Finally, you can even add different extensions here to improve your quality of scrolling and creating designs in here. However, even if you are a beginner in the field of CAD, SketchUp Make is amazing and great.

This app supports: Windows and macOS

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3. DraftSight

DraftSight is good software for those who wish to learn amazing things on CAD platforms that too within less time. At first, you can create 2D designs here and perform different tasks related to your content and needs.

Further, the features of this software allow you to gently draw creative geometrical designs and figures, dimensional spaces, polylines, designs, text, and a lot more. And the interface here is also simple and easy to operate with. Therefore, creating different objects, designs and graphics here is very easy.

This app supports: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora.

4. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is an amazing software for beginners and professionals in various fields. At first, the user interface is cool and experts find is amazing to work on here. Further, you may have to pay a higher sum to complete different projects and make your creations here.

Afterward, Python modules involved in here help you make different coding grounds and creations with a fast pace and according to your needs. Finally, if you are a beginner and hope to get an eas to use CAD software, Free CAD is the thing to prefer.

This app supports: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu and Fedora

5. OpenSCAD

At first, OpenSCAD is 3D Software that lets you create and design images, videos, animations, sculptures, architectures, etc. according to your needs. Second, you can model your designs and stuff that suits your needs.

Further, this basically involves highlighting different structures, designs, models, crafts, architectures, etc.i n the longer run. Afterward, defining the parameters is also easy here and you can maintain a record of whatever you create in the longer run.

This app supports: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

6. KiCAD

KiCAD is basically made for designing Printed Circuit Board (PCB) tools on various platforms and creating logos, designs, graphics, structures, etc. And there are many additional software tools here as a 3D viewer that lets you render your PCB in 3D and creates high quality onboard analytics.

Further KiCAD is a totally free and open sourced designing tool that helps you use files such as schematic editor, printed circuit board editor, GERBER file viewer and footprint selector for component association. Afterward, operating on this system is easy and you will to learn a lot about the using style of CAD software here.

This app supports: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu and Linux.


QCAD is the perfect one if you are looking for a platform to create and design different schematic diagrams, building structures and models, etc. And you can create various technical drawings here using different tools and applications here. Afterward, designing various 2D diagrams here is easy for beginners as well as experts in this field.

Further people who have very basic or absolutely negligible knowledge of CAD software find QCAD easy and simple to use. Making and managing designs and drawing for mechanical and technical parts of the machines on QCAD is fun and highly unique.

This app supports: Windows, macOS and Linux.

8. LibreCAD

This is 2D software for recreating and making variety of structuring and designing works on the platform. For instance, making of different geometric figurines, circuit boards, 2D designs on LibreCAD is extremely useful and you can put them all into good use in this way.

Further, you can also divide your tasks in different teams so as to complete them all on time. And this platform is meant for everyone including beginners as well as advanced ones in this field. Getting more knowledge with regard to this is also easy as this is one of the most popular CAD software on the internet today.

Afterward, you can even install or put in a third-party source here which tends to support plugins and helps you export high-quality 2D designs easily.

This app supports: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

9. NanoCAD

NanoCAD is good software for designing and creating various 2D and 3D graphics and structures. And this lets you perform all kinds of tasks at a minimal subscription fee that too with a wide range of features and attributes. Further, the most important one here is that NanoCAD fully supports DWG file formats and lets you create user interface designs.

For instance, your industry of use and operation does not matter whether you wish to use the NanoCAD platform for your designs and drawings. Afterward, this is a free platform for beginners and for using offline. In short, if you can pay up to 180$ for lifetime usage, this is the best option existing out there. After a free trial of 14 days, you can purchase it on a monthly subscription or lifetime basis, but you will definitely get the best output for it.

This app supports: Windows

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In conclusion, these are the most easily reachable options available out there for CAD software. And you can use almost all of them as the interface is very simple. Further, these are most useful for students and learners who hope to learn so much on CAD applications.

Some pro tools also help in a bit of learning and the people who prefer to stay on the desktop for a long duration find it great to have such software similar to CAD platforms.