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Can You Use an Apple Watch With an Android Phone

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch is, at the very least, in the top tier. The best smartwatches that are compatible with Android are coming soon and will provide serious competition to the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch stands out, though, because to its sleek appearance and easy integration with other Apple products. Using the device also requires you to remain within Apple’s ecosystem.

At least, that’s the impression Apple would like to give off. In truth, the Apple Watch can function without an iPhone, so you can still wear one even if you’re an Android user. Here’s how to use your Apple Watch independently of an iPhone.

Can You Use an Apple Watch With an Android Phone

Fair Warning: Your Apple Watch Will Lose Some Functionality

You can connect your Apple Watch to an Android phone, but you won’t be able to take advantage of its full potential. Since the Apple Watch was made to pair with the iPhone, certain of its apps may not function properly (or at all) when used with an Android phone.

Sending an iMessage from the watch is reliable, but sending an SMS message often fails. A messaging app like Telegram, however, should keep you safe.

The Apple Watch’s fitness and health tracking applications will still function, but they won’t be able to communicate with your Android phone. There is just one way to use an Apple Watch with Android.

What will I Need to Make My Apple Watch Work on Android?

To get the two gadgets communicating with one another, you’ll need a few items. You’ll need an iPhone (preferably an iPhone 6) and an Apple Watch with cellular functionality to begin.

To send and receive calls and texts without needing to use your iPhone, the cellular version is what you need. During this first setup process, you will also be asked to insert your SIM card into an iPhone.

In order to remove and replace the SIM card physically between two iPhone 13s or older iPhones, a SIM card tool is required. Make sure the SIM card slot on your Android phone and iPhone is the same size.

The no SIM card is supported by all modern iPhones and the vast majority of modern Android phones. A micro SIM card may be required for some Android handsets. The iPhone 14 requires a virtual eSIM card, which may be created on an Android device and then transferred to the iPhone.

How to Set up an Apple Watch to Work with an Android Phone

Once you have gathered your supplies, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Join your Apple Watch and iPhone together. This is required before you can link your Apple Watch to your phone number and start downloading apps.

Step 2: Before powering up the Apple Watch, check to see that the SIM card is properly inserted into the iPhone.

Step 3: When you power up both gadgets and bring them close together, a new pairing screen will emerge. Additionally, you can open the Watch app and pick Pair New Watch from the menu.

Step 4: Choose I’ll Do It Myself (Set It Up) from the menu.

Step 5: The Viewfinder camera app launches on your iPhone as a whirling blue circle appears on your Apple Watch. Align the phone’s camera with the device’s Viewfinder and the two will begin syncing.

Step 6: Click Get to Know Your Watch if you need help navigating the app menu or understanding how your watch functions.

Step 7: Please silence all electronic equipment.

Step 8: Swap out your iPhone’s SIM card for one from an Android device.

Step 9: After powering on your Android device and establishing a cellular connection, you can activate your Apple Watch.

Despite switching to an Android phone as your primary phone, your Apple Watch should still be able to receive calls and send texts.

Even if your Apple Watch won’t sync with your Android phone, you may still use it for its most basic purposes without an iPhone. You may need to re-pair the device with your iPhone and install the latest version if you’re having communication issues.


Simply put, no. This is not a compatible combination. There are no plans for Apple to expand the Apple Watch’s compatibility outside iPhones. An iPhone with the Watch app loaded is required for initial setup of an Apple Watch.

If your Android smartphone supports Bluetooth, you still won’t be able to replace this. You can use both devices alone or together with no issues. You can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phone all at once.

The Apple Watch might function as a standalone fitness tracker, allowing you to leave your iPhone at home. Independent apps can also be used on an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity. It’s feasible, though battery life on the Apple Watch may suffer as a result.