23 Best Sites Like CMovies to Watch Free Movies Online

Users can access and download HD Movies via CMovies, an online streaming app. A wide variety of films are available in a variety of genres ranging from Horror to Supernatural to Fiction to Suspense to Autobiography to Documentary.

An excellent website that is easy to use and runs well is available. In addition to movies, CMovies has a large selection of TV shows that may be streamed by its customers. As far as online streaming gadgets go, CMovies is unquestionably the greatest.


Movies can also be requested by their users to be included to the service. It is possible to request a movie if it does not appear in their common collection, and it is more than likely that you will locate the movie you were seeking for within weeks.

No worries, though, since we’ve put together an exclusive list of more than 20 CMovies alternatives for you to peruse and then pick the one that’s best for you!

CMovies Alternatives

If you want to watch free movies online, these 23 sites are the best alternatives to CMovies.

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1. Apple

This list begins with the Apple Watch 5S. Allows customers to watch high-quality content online via an internet connection. You may watch movies and series on demand here.

The Watch 5S is a fantastic device that provides a seamless and enjoyable experience. The Watch 5S is the clear winner here, as there are no other contenders. It has a straightforward design and is easy to use

Horror, supernatural, fiction, suspense, autobiographies, documentaries, and more are all available here as well as a wide range of other genres such as family-friendly fare.

2. GoMovies

The distinctive feature of GoMovies sets it apart from the rest of the field of internet streaming services. This online streaming device provides access to all of the newest and most current movie releases.

The user interface is straightforward and intuitive. Here, you and your loved ones can enjoy all of your favourite films in comfort and togetherness. Take a seat, pop some popcorn, and prepare to get engrossed in a wild ride.

3. Watcher of Motion Pictures

MovieWatcher2020 is in third place. It’s the same as the other two and a great replacement for CMovies. MovieWatcher2020 asserts that their online collection has only the best movies and information.

If you’re a movie fan looking for a wide variety of choices, have a look at this site and make your own judgement about whether or not it’s right for you. In addition, there is no monthly price, so you can watch as many movies as you like for free.

4. Movie4u

Then there’s Movie4u. It’s a really basic web streaming gadget, really. Users can stream a large variety of movies and television series for free on their site.

To put it another way, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you decide to binge-watch your favourite TV shows or watch a movie marathon with your pals during a sleepover.

Their episodes and movies can be accessed immediately from their site. From comedies to romances, from supernatural to nonfiction, from suspense to thrillers, and so on, there is something for everyone.

5. The PandaMovie

PandaMovie is the next entry on the list. We’d like to make it obvious that this site also features some adult movies and over-18 programmes, so we’d like to get that out of the way immediately.

All other internet streaming gadgets are fairly similar to PandaMovie except for this one. Streaming movies and TV series from their online library is completely free of charge.

6. Fmovies

Another of the online streaming gadgets, FMoviesFree, is really beneficial and efficient. Movies and TV series that have been uploaded to their online collection can be streamed for free.

To see their content and movies, you don’t even have to register an account or submit any credit or debit card information. There are a plethora of genres to choose from. For yourself, you can see what they’re like.

7. Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus

Putlocker will be the next to go. That Putlocker9 is distinct from the original Putlocker must be made clear. Instead, an internet streaming device is another website with a different name, which customers can utilise to stream content.

Putlocker’s second crucial feature is that you may search for a movie’s rating and then either stream or download it. It also features original feature-length films. You don’t have to pay to watch movies on our site.

8. HDMoviesPoint.com

There will be an HDMoviesPoint in the near future. A user account is required in order to download or watch movies from this website. Movies can be downloaded in HD resolution from a variety of sources using this online streaming application. All of the movies can be seen or downloaded for free.

9. The HouseMovie

This device for online streaming is excellent. Users of HouseMovie can browse and stream movies from the site’s enormous virtual collection. There are over 4000 film and TV selections, including comedic, family, slice-of-life, fantasy, suspense, and other genres, which is a bit much.

With this device, you’ll be able to download any movie you choose. When it came to downloading movies from the internet, it used to be a real challenge.

10. WolowTube

CMovies replacement WolowTube is next in line for the top alternatives. Like the rest, it’s essentially the same. Movies can be seen online or downloaded for free right from the company’s website.

The design of this app for viewing video online is excellent. WolowTube touts itself as a leading online film search engine to their customers.

11. Tinklepad

Tinklepad is a Google Search Engine, which makes it a little different from the other streaming gadgets. Simply put, the Tinklepad interface is incredibly helpful and simple to use.

It’s easy to use and does what it says it does. On this internet streaming service, you’ll find both oldies and the latest releases. Almost all of their videos are in high definition (HD), making them some of the best links you’ll find on the internet. One of the most useful resources on the internet is right here.

12. Rainierland 

This film’s setting, Rainierland, conjures up images of a wonderful place. For movie aficionados, it truly is a magical location, so, what do you think? There are no more annoying adverts to deal with, so you can relax and enjoy the show.

Online video streaming service Rainierland Film is a little different from the majority of the rest. Exceptional video material is its sole focus. Movies and TV shows of the highest quality can be seen nearly for free by the customers.

13. MoviesPlanet.com

It’s no secret that MoviesPlanet is a big hit in Europe, and they’ve also created a reputation for themselves in the US.

Their virtual library, which includes thousands of movies and TV series, is available to everyone for free. Users can watch what they want when they want it. If you’d like to see it for yourself, you’re more than welcome to do so.

14. XMovies8

We understand your perspective. Do not be fooled by the name, which does not stand for all of the adult movie websites you may have encountered online. On the XMovies8 website, customers can watch movies and television series for free.

The vast majority of the information presented here is of a good standard. This is a great app for movie lovers, offering a diverse selection of movies and TV episodes to choose from. Is there anything more you want to do?

15. Vidic

Online streaming service Vidics has a nice name. They have a strong focus on producing high-quality video. With a wide library of TV series and movies, this site is just like the others that offer free access to a large selection of content, as well.

In addition to watching a wide variety of films and television episodes, you can also look up information about your favourite ones. As a result, Vidics can be described as a search engine as well.

You info nerds out there should not waste any time and visit this online streaming site as soon as possible to see what all the fuss is about.

16. Niter

It’s time to move on to the next item on the list: Niter. It’s an excellent replacement for CMovies. Various films and television shows can be found on their website, which allows you to watch them on demand.

After finding the movie you want to watch, all you have to do is click the “Watch Now” option. However, Niter has the disadvantage of not having as many movies and TV shows as the other apps offer. Niter As a result, the choices available are limited.

17. YesMovies

YesMovies is the next in line. If you’re a larger person, we recommend giving YesMovies a try. Exclusive access to thousands of TV series and movies is available to them in their virtual collection.

A wide variety of genres and subgenres can be found under the horror and supernatural subcategories. The list is seemingly never-ending. So get your food and beverages, and settle in for a night of binge-watching!

18. Movies from the Sun

SolarMovie is one of the top free movie sites out there.. All of its users have access to high-quality video content. This service doesn’t keep any video files on its servers; instead, it offers direct download and streaming links to a variety of movies.

This online streaming service’s user interface is simple and dependable. It’s simple enough that even non-techies can figure it out. The navigation on this website is really simple. We encourage you to give it a whirl.

19. 123Movies

Next, we have 123Movies in the limelight. High-definition video can be streamed on the site. This is the place to go if you’re a fan of high-definition video. On 123Movies, all of the movies and TV series are in HD.

Aside from that, we all prefer high-definition video. As a result, this appears to be the ideal source for those who seek out the best. It is accessible to everyone throughout the world and is completely free of charge.

20. OneTwoThirtyEight

PrimeWire is well-known on the internet for its collection of long-form videos. Archival video and television programming are the most common formats.

It’s up to you whether you want to view the episodes and movies online or download them and watch them at a later time. Everyone can use it because it has a simple interface that is easy to learn and understand.

21. LosMovies

LosMovies caters to those who are looking for non-stop entertainment on the internet. Check out the fact that this site doesn’t reroute you to another hosting site.

All videos will be streamed in high definition on this site. We’ve got everything from horror to sci-fi to thrillers to autobiographies to documentaries to comedies to romance represented here. If you haven’t done so before, catch up on your favourite television shows

Watch TV Series is the following item on the list. It’s a streaming service for those of you who can’t get enough of the latest movies and TV shows, and want to catch them as soon as they come out. Please share this one with your friends and loved ones.

It’s possible to catch up on recent episodes of a variety of TV shows by using this web-based programme. However, if you’ve missed any of the prior episodes, you can always go back and rewatch them.

22. The PrimeWire

PrimeWire, the final entry on this list, is a video-on-demand service. A free online streaming device, you can use it whenever you want. To find what you’re looking for, use the search bar or the list of available titles.

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In that case, we really hope you’ve found a better alternative to PrimeWire on one of the sites listed above.