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D. Kostelecký Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The British competitor scored 33 out of a possible 40 points, coming in third place behind the Czech duo of Jiri Liptak and D. Kostelecký.

The shooter from Chelmsford, who was both the world and European champion, came into Japan as one of the favourites to win gold, but she was no match for the Czech pair.

D. Kostelecký Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

D. Kostelecký Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Coward-Holley, who is only 26 years old, has tied Ed Ling’s bronze medal performance from the Rio Olympics. There was a dramatic shoot-off for the Olympic title, and in the end, Liptak took gold and D. Kostelecký took silver.

When D. Kosteleckýy Missed his Seventh Attempt, Liptak was Declared the Winner.

D. Kostelecký, After missing seven of his first 10 attempts, Coward-Holley responded with a 14-point scoring streak to get back on track.

Early leader Jorge Orozco Diaz eventually finished fourth after missing three consecutive strokes in the elimination round, which signalled the end of his hot streak.

Coward-Holley had been tied with Liptak after 37 holes, with D. Kostelecký three strokes ahead, but a missed putt in the 38th shot eliminated his chances of advancing.

British athlete Andy Murray commented, “It’s a little bit of a mix of feelings” when asked about winning bronze. I’m at a loss for what to say. Given that this is my first Olympics, bringing home a medal is beyond amazing.

Since this is my first Olympic final, I was understandably anxious and nervous at the outset. But then I told myself, “You’ve got this far; now all you have to do is chill out and believe in yourself; you can do it.”

Last Words

After winning bronze in double trap at the 2016 European Championships, Coward-Holley switched to single trap in 2017 after learning that the sport would no longer be included in the Olympics.