Dance at the Highest Spot and The Lowest Spot on The Map

New challenges have been added to Fortnite, providing players more chances to advance in the seasonal Battle Pass and earn experience.

Fortnite’s Week 9 challenges are mostly easy to perform, but there are a handful that could need some clarification.

Some viewers may be confused by this week’s challenge, which requires contestants to dance at the highest and lowest locations on the map, respectively.

Dance at the Highest Spot and The Lowest Spot on The Map

Fortnite players who have already danced at the game’s highest and lowest points might want to come to Sweaty Sands for this week’s second dance challenge.

In order to complete this challenge, fans must inflict harm on their opponents in the specified spot.

Which is located very close to Coral Castle. Holly Hedges, located slightly further to the south, also hosts a Season 4 Week 9 challenge.

Highest and Lowest Spots on The Fortnite Map

The highest point on the map is usually not that inhabited because it is at the very edge of Fortnite’s landscape, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting shot if you try to dance there.

Being that high makes it more difficult to glide to, but if you wait for your bus to approach as close as it can and then jump, you should be able to land on the trail leading to the summit and run the rest of the way.

The area around Coral Castle, at the map’s lowest point, is frequently the site of some milder conflict.

If you stay here while Fortnitemares is still going on (until November 3), you won’t be able to see more than a few feet in front of you due to the thick fog, so you should be safe for the time being.

Due to the general flatness of the landscape of Coral Castle, determining its official “lowest point” may prove challenging, as an alternative, you may wish to employ a brief emote while dancing in several locations.

It’s the hardest challenge of the week, but once you’ve busted a move at the highest and lowest points, you’ll get a signal saying it’s done.


As players rush to complete their battle pass before the end of what, for once, doesn’t seem to be an extended season.

Fortnite has returned with a new set of tasks, some of which are at least mildly fascinating. Dancing at the top and bottom of the world is this week’s task.