Did You Know Facts That Will Surprise You

Want to know some interesting facts that you probably haven’t heard before? Well, worry not because you have found just the article for yourself. You need to grab yourself some snacks and read this article. It had all kinds of facts that will surprise you.

Did You Know Facts That Will Surprise You

Here are some facts that will surprise you. Let’s start the list.

Humans are the only animal that enjoys spicy food

This is a mystery that scientists have not been able to explain. It is a result of evolution, but humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy food. No other animal is known to have a thing for high spice. So we might be special after all. Isn’t that interesting.

Humans brain shrinks

This might sound like a made-up fact, but it is true. As humans get older, the brains of humans also start to shrink. This can be why older adults have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Humans are the only animals that this happens to. You should take Rice Purity Test and check the score.

Potatoes chips cause more weight gain than any other food

This study was done at the Harvard University. It is fascinating to know that only a small amount of potato chips can cause a huge weight gain. So if you are actually trying to lose weight, you should definitely stay away from the potato chips. Be careful of what you eat.

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Banana can not reproduce.

The bananas that we know and love can not be reproduced. This is an awkward and strange fact, but it is true. Only breeders can breed two different species To create the bananas that are known as cavendish. So practically, it is a hybrid of two different species.

Fish is probably labeled wrong.

Researchers estimate that about one-third of all fish sold in grocery stores are actually mislabeled. This is often done to deliberately mislead people and get them to buy more expensive fish. It is not a fluke. It happens far too often for that to be the case. Thus it would help if you were careful while buying fish.

The least interesting day in history is April 11, 1954

We do not know what’s the purpose of telling you this, but this day is the most useless day that has been in history. Only two things happened on this day. One a soccer player named Jack Shufflebotham died, and two a Turkish academic named Abdullah Atalar was born.

You can not hum while holding your nose.

Try it right now. You can not hum while holding your nose. It is not physically possible. This may seem like a useless fact, but it is fun to know your own body. When no air is exhaled, you can’t possibly hum. It’s just impossible. Pretty weird, right?

C S Lewis and Aldous Huxley died on the same day as JFK

These great British writers died on the same day as President John Kennedy was assassinated. This seems like a coincidence where 3 great people died on the same day. Their death was overshadowed by the assassination of the President. This is a game of chances, or is it? You decide for yourself.

Bigger forks cause you to eat less.

Bigger forks can ensure that you eat less. This happens because people tend to think that they are eating huge portions with big forks. Thus they eat less by reducing the portion.

Cell phones are full of bacteria.

Your cell phone is full of bacteria. As disgusting as it is, this is the truth. According to some research done by some British scientists, the average cell phone is known to carry about 18 times more harmful germs than the toilet handle, which is found in a men’s restroom.

The longest living insect is the termite.

You might think that the cockroach has been living the longest from the dinosaurs’ time, but there is another insect whose life span is more than that of the cockroach. The queen termite can live up to the period of 100 years. That’s a pretty long time for an insect to live.

Chewing gum after a meal can prevent heartburn.

If you chew gum after a meal, then you can prevent heartburn from happening. It turns out that the saliva that is being stimulated by the chewing gum becomes more alkaline. This effectively neutralizes the acid reflux in our body that creates heartburn. It is also soothing to your esophagus.

Dogs can smell cancer.

Dogs are man’s best friend. They can sense the smell of cancer in a body. This has been proven by the researcher. If your dog is acting strange around you, then you might need to get yourself checked by a physician. They are known to pick up these scents accurately.

Boyfriends do more work than husbands.

A survey done on 17,000 people across 28 countries had proved to have found that after marriage, the amount of time that a man tends to spend doing chores every week decreases significantly from the time when they were boyfriends.

Bees can smell bombs.

As absurd as it sounds, it is true. Bees can detect bombs with their tongues. Just like dogs, bees can also be trained to detect bombs. Given that it could be a bit difficult for the handler to train bees, but it can be easily done. The handler can know that they have a bomb in their hands.

The world’s biggest tire producer is lego.

Yes, you read that right. The toy company actually produces approximately 306 million tires per year. The number is far more than any other manufacturer in the world. They may be tiny toy tires and not real ones, but they are leading still stands large.

Naps could save your life.

This is the best news that you could get. A mid-day nap can create a well refreshed you. It also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Working straight through the day is going to increase your chances of getting a heart attack. So naps could literally save your life.

Newborns do not shed tears.

Newborns do not shed any tears. Their tear ducts do not develop until they are 3 months old. That is the reason that they cry out loud. They can not physically cry at all until their tear ducts form. This is the reason why babies cry so loud without any tears.

Black apples exist

Believe it or not, black apples do exist. They are called black diamond apples and are found in Tibet. They are also known as Chinese Red Delicious. They do not have black flesh, but they do have a beautiful dark skin color.

The Kangaroo Mouse doesn’t need to drink water.

Kangaroo mouse is named after an Australian animal. It lives in the Nevada desert. Kangaroo mouse is known to reside in such a dry area that the mouse has learned to adapt to its environment by getting all hydration from the seeds it eats. This means that the kangaroo mouse never drinks water.

The longest bicycle is 135 feet long.

The world’s longest bicycle is 135 feet long. It isn’t easy to control a tandem bike if you have ever tried one. So imagine how difficult it would be to control a 135 feet long bike. It was crafted at the university of south Australia in 2015.

Greenland sharks do not reach sexual maturity before 150 years

Greenland sharks, also known as the gurry sharks or the grey sharks, tend to live long lives. The Greenland shark is the longest-living vertebrate on the planet. These sharks can swim around the ocean for up to 400 years. They do not reach sexual maturity until they’re 150 years old or more.

Clams have feet

The long tongue-like structure that clams sometimes seem to have is actually its feet or rather foot if you might. The thing, or rather the clam’s organ, is supposed to help the clam dig in the soil or sand.

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Incredible Hulk was originally supposed to be gray

Hulk is known for its testy temperament and the green color nowadays, but you will be shocked to know that they originally intended for the hulk to be gray and not green. Stan lee intended to have the hulk as an edgy gray in color. But this did not come to pass as the publishers had some problem with the color.


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