Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 84 Release Date

Now that Bardock vs. Gas is over, we know the key to Bardock’s win over Gas; in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84, it’s up to Goku to find out the plan.

One of the best battles in Dragon Ball Super suggests Toriyama is starting to get back into fighting shape, bringing the series closer to its Dragon Ball Z glory days.

When Will Dragon Ball 84 Be Published?

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 84 Release Date

Even if Bardock’s battle with Gas has ended, Goku still has to face him in the present day in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84. Access it on May 20, 2022, through the Viz Media website or the Shounen Jump app.

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Bardock Gets Knocked Senseless by a Super Gas Blast

Bardock and Gas were just starting to get into it when the last episode ended, with Gas threatening Monaito and Granolah. Bardock relocates Gas away from the weakened Monaito to the plains.

As they fight, Monaito tells Bardock that he shouldn’t stay because he didn’t start the fight with Gas. But Bardock tells Monaito that this is his fight. Gas initiates the combat by swinging his massive mace at Bardock, but Bardock easily dodges the blow and swings Gas out of the way.

Monaito, inspired by Bardock’s heroics, decides to employ the dragon balls to alter the course of the war for himself and Granolah. It’s plain to see that Gas is always one step ahead of Bardock.

Monaito calls upon Toronbe, the wishing dragon of Cereal, as Gas mercilessly pummels Bardock, sending him crashing through hill after hill. He requests that the dragon return Bardock to Earth.

However, when the dragon asks Bardock whether he wants to go right away, he emphatically declines. Reasoning that he can’t get away is the fact that Saiyans never give up.

Following Bardock’s denial, the dragon’s brightness increases as it asks Monaito for his wish once more, drawing the attention of everyone still in Cereal.

Gas and Bardock are the first to spot it, followed by Elec’s crew, who can only see it from a distance. After Monaito presses him for an explanation of his rejection, Bardock simply says that he hopes for the best for his sons.

Saiyan Strength of Bardock

However, back on the battlefield, Gas has been thwarting Bardock, and Monaito has stepped in just as Gas is about to kill Bardock with his final move. Motivated by Bardock’s resolve to combat an enemy as formidable as Gas, Monaito decides to do all it takes to protect Granolah and engage Gas in battle.

Gas’s fury mode activates when he realises they won’t give up. While beating him up, Gas keeps asking Bardock why they’re fighting. Gas drives Bardock more and further into a corner while he speculates about the motivation.

As with his father, he claims to fight just for the thrill of defeating his foe. Also, Bardock closes the gap with powerful energy blasts while Gas keeps him on his toes.

This is the pivotal moment, as Bardock finishes Gas off by explaining how his Saiyan blood strengthens him in times of peril. Once Gas is defeated, Elec approaches to pick him up while also shooting Bardock in the chest.

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The chapter concludes with Monaito tending to a hurt Bardock after his scouter was left behind.

When Goku discovers his father’s past and ultimately defeats Gas in Dragon Ball Chapter 84, we will have seen the conclusion to this arc.