Elon Musk Girlfriends List

Elon Musk, a business mogul and investor, has dated a slew of A-list celebrities, including actresses and artists. The billionaire is the founder of The Boring Company, CEO of Tesla, Inc., Chief Engineer of SpaceX, early-stage investor, and CEO and Product Architect of Tesla, Inc.

Here we will Give Elon Musk Girlfriends List:

With an estimated net worth of roughly US$221 billion as of March 2022, Musk is the wealthiest individual in the world, according to both the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and the Forbes real-time billionaires list.

He has worked his way up from the bottom and has proven himself worthy of several successes. Growing up was difficult for Elon. Elon claims he was never able to have a real relationship as a child due to the harassment he endured.

Elon Musk Girlfriends List

However, it appears that things have shifted recently. The names and brief biographies of Elon Musk’s wives are provided here. We’re all very familiar with Elon Musk’s background, but it seems his love life has been a bit of a roller coaster.

Elon Musk’s Spouses: The Full Roster

Let’s begin with the first marriage and move on to discuss Elon’s subsequent marriages.

The years 2000–2008 for Justine Wilson/Musk

Let’s begin with Justine Wilson, the writer. Musk met his first wife, Canadian author Justine Wilson, at Queen’s University, where they both studied, and they wed in 2000. BloodAngel, Justine Musk’s 2005 book from Penguin Books’ Roc Books imprint, is a work of contemporary fantasy.

Her second novel, Uninvited, was written for young adults but has no relation to the first. BloodAngel’s sequel, Lord of Bones, came out in 2008. One of the first people to use a website like Pinterest to plan out a novel was Justine Musk.

Elon and Justine Musk’s first child, a son named Nevada Alexander Musk, was born in 2002 but tragically passed away at the age of 10 weeks due to sudden infant death syndrome. In 2004, she had IVF twins named Gryphon and Xavier, and in 2006, she had IVF triplets named Damian, Saxon, and Kai.

Justine announced her separation from Musk on September 13, 2008. Equal parenting time is shared between Musk and Justine. An essay she wrote for a magazine was titled “I Was a Starter Wife,” and it explained why she thought the marriage was doomed.

Elon constantly put her down and pressured her to bleach her hair. She introduced herself as a “model ex-wife” who was close with Elon’s first wife Talulah Riley in 2010. Yes, we’ll be moving on to Talulah Riley right after this. Elon and Justine Musk are the proud parents of five children. Instead of Wilson, Justine is better known by her middle name, Musk.

2017’s “Girlfriend” starring Amber Heard.

We understand if this is unclear. However, Amber Heard and Elon Musk did not tie the knot. After allegedly dating her since 2012, Musk dated Amber Heard for a number of months in 2017.

After their marriage ended, Johnny Depp accused Musk of having an affair with Amber Heard, who was still married to him at the time. Musk and Heard both lied and said they weren’t dating.

T. Riley (Talulah) in 2010–2012 and 2013–2016.

In 2008, Musk began dating English actress Talulah Riley, and by 2010, the two were married in Scotland’s Dornoch Cathedral. Riley’s filmography includes Pride and Prejudice, both St. Trinian’s films (the original and the sequel), The Boat That Rocked, and the critically acclaimed Inception.

On HBO’s Westworld, Riley played the role of Angela, a futuristic cowgirl. Riley is the only child of Una Riley, who founded a security systems company and a public relations firm, and Doug Milburn, who was the former head of the National Crime Squad.

They reared him in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Musk and Riley had been together for four years until he ended the relationship in January 2012 and filed for divorce in March of that year.

“We took some time apart for several months to see if absence makes the heart grow fonder, and unfortunately it did not,” Elon said of the couple in 2012. I’m not in love with her anymore, but I still adore her. And I just can’t offer it to her the way she wants it.”

However, Musk and Riley wedded in July 2013. The pair confirmed their reconciliation and move back in with Musk’s five children from his first marriage to novelist Justine Musk during a 2014 60 Minutes broadcast.

Elon attempted to divorce Riley for a second time in December 2014, but the proceedings were abandoned. After being separated for 6 months, Riley filed for divorce again in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 21, 2016. Divorce papers were signed in October of 2016.

Date: 2018–2021 with Grimes

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is dating Grimes. After both of them made the same joke on Twitter about Rococo and the thought experiment known as “Roko’s basilisk,” they started following each other.

Canadian musician, songwriter, and record producer Claire Elise Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes. Dream pop, electronic, R&B, and hip hop all make appearances in her music, which also features science fiction and feminist undertones. She’s released five full-length albums in the studio.

A son was born to Grimes in May of 2020. The two men, Musk and Grimes, referred to him as “X A-12.” With “X” for a first name, “AE A-XII” for a middle name, and “Musk” for a last name, the child was then officially introduced to the world as “X AE A-XII” Musk. After what seemed like an eternity, rumours started flying that the couple had finally called it quits.

In September 2021, Musk confirmed rumours that he and his wife are “semi-separate,” and he told Time in December 2021 that he was single. Musk claims that the reason for their breakup is that he is constantly in Texas for work with Space X and Tesla, while Grimes is in Los Angeles for her music career.

Even if their relationship has soured, Musk insists that they are still on good terms. He claims categorically that they remain on “great terms.” After some time, Elon Musk also shared that they still feel deeply for one another.

He rebrands the relationship as “we are partially apart but still love each other.” In March of 2022, Grimes made a public comment about her connection to Musk. We are pretty fluid, yet I would call him my boyfriend.

Exa Dark Siderl Musk, who she referred to as “Y,” was born via surrogate in December of 2021, she said. His daughter’s name, Siderael, is pronounced sigh-deer-ee-el.

The singer disclosed that she and her partner had a “scary” pregnancy with their first kid, during which they worried about serious complications. So, they had a second kid, a girl, via surrogacy and did it quietly.

A Girlfriend Named Natasha Bassett

As of early 2022, rumours have it that Musk is dating Australian actress Natasha Bassett. Australian-born actress, writer, and director Natasha Bassett. Bassett grew up in Sydney, a city in Australia.

She began acting in high school and moved to New York at age 19 to pursue it as a profession. Bassett’s portrayal of Spears in the film Britney Ever After has brought her widespread fame.

The film’s premiere on Lifetime was February 18 of this year. The 27-year-old Australian actress said she was more impressed by Musk’s intellect than “his bank balance.” Natasha and Elon started out as friends, and it wasn’t until he ended things with Grimes that they became romantic.

For the time being, that was all there was to it. After breaking up with Grimes, Elon is rumoured to have started seeing Natasha.