‘Everybody Makes Such a Big Deal’: Tony-nominated Jesse Williams Talks Being Nude on Broadway

Jesse Williams, a former “Grey’s Body” star, has gained a lot of attention for exposing his entire anatomy in the Tony-nominated Broadway production “Take Me Out.”

Williams, 40, acknowledged doing naked sequences onstage when appearing with “Take Me Out” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson on “Watch What Happens Live” on Monday.

'Everybody Makes Such a Big Deal': Tony-nominated Jesse Williams Talks Being Nude on Broadway

A caller to a fan Q&A asked Williams if he felt anxious about his “Grey’s” co-stars Debbie Allen and Ellen Pompeo seeing him face-to-face.

I didn’t know Ellen or Debbie were coming, and I’ve learned in my first few weeks with production that I don’t want to know, he continued, so I wasn’t anxious for them to see me.

On her “Tell Me” podcast in April, Pompeo said that she was “not really trying to find out” how Williams looked in underwear but still wanted to be supportive of him.

Pompeo recalled an exchange she had with Debbie and stated, “What are we going to do? I thought. How will we get to this show?

We don’t want to be up close if he’s going to be naked on stage because you want fantastic seats but want to be close.”

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Everyone Jesse Williams Has Dated Over the Years

From his debut as Leo in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” to his breakthrough performance as the ripped and charming plastic surgeon Jackson Avery.

Jesse Williams has a history of playing heartthrobs in films. He has also made appearances in music videos, including Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me.”

Because the former teacher is also a genuine heartthrob in real life, life imitates art. But there are other ways in which life is like art. Like Jackson on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Williams’s romantic life has had its ups and downs.

Since Williams is a TV celebrity, it can be difficult to keep information about his relationships private, as was the case with his 13-year marriage to Aryn Drake-Lee.

Which ended in divorce, and the protracted custody fight that followed for their two children. Williams actually experiences a lot of these “leaks” in his life, not just in the area of romance.

For instance, images of him in his undies from his Tony-nominated performance in the Broadway play “Take Me Out” leaked online.

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Jesse Williams’ latest Broadway performance is proof that prior to a live performance, people really do need to have their phones taken away. mostly because some people are awful.

People who released a video of Williams’ full-frontal nude shower scene from the stage of “Take Me Out” earlier this week on social media.

Before attempts to remove the film off the internet gained traction, it was extensively shared.