Everything We Know About Rebelde Season 2

The Spanish language sitcom Rebelde has been renewed for a second season by streaming giant Netflix. This year started with the premiere of a musical teen show that was a remake of a Mexican drama with the same name.

Over 400 episodes of the original series broadcast between 2004 and 2006. It didn’t take long for the first season of the musical adolescent drama’s remake to become a smash hit throughout the world. The news of a second season brought joy to the show’s devoted audience.

Season 2 of Rebelde Is Coming Out of Nowhere

The premiere date of the second season of the show has been confirmed, and it will be available on Netflix sooner than fans had anticipated. On July 27, 2022, the show will premiere its next season. This was announced formally by the streaming service on their Twitter account.

Everything We Know About Rebelde Season 2

Andi, Esteban, MJ, Luka, Dixon, and Jana, six first-year pupils at Elite Way School, were at the centre of the initial explanation.

These six students, hailing from a wide range of socioeconomic circumstances, banded together to establish a successful school band. However, as they became more well-known, they became embroiled in an incident that threatened both their individual and collective fates.

Critics were divided on the first season, but viewers loved it. More than 33 million hours of the show were seen in its first week. As usual, the season finale left things hanging.

What to Expect from Season 2

The second season apparently began filming soon after the first ended. Some of the mysteries from the first season will be resolved in the second. Viewers will learn if Luka transfers back to Elite Way and if MJ continues on to stardom in the music industry.

The show will also reveal whether or not Sebas will face consequences for her behaviour. The producers of the show may potentially investigate the romantic chemistry between Jana and Esteban.

The upcoming season will also disclose the Lodge’s future, including whether or not they will return and who will take the helm. The plot involving Celina Ferrer and her aide could potentially be featured.

It’s possible that a new band will join the six main characters’ competition in Season 2’s main plot. The fact that Luka’s father has a lovechild was disclosed in season 1, and will serve as a major story point in season 2.

Stars of Season 2 of Rebelde

There are six main characters in the show: Andi (Lizethe Lezene), Dixon (Jerónimo Cantillo), MJ (Andrea Chaparro), Luka (Franco Masini), Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori), and Jana (Azul Guaita).

Alejandro Puente played Sebastián, Giovanna Grigio played Emilia, and Estefana Villarreal played Director Celina Ferrer in the first season. In the second season, everyone who appeared in the first will return.

YouTube star and social media influencer Figueroa, better known by his stage name Saak, has been officially confirmed to join the show’s cast in Season 2. He’ll play the part of Okane, a newcomer to the Elite Way School.

Along with Juanpa Zurita, Sebastián Villalobos, Mario Bautista, and others, Saak forms a group of influential people known as Los Caballeros.