Flashpoint of 1992 LA Riots Comes a Place of Celebration

One of the worst racial riots in U.S. history began after four Los Angeles police officers who had viciously beaten motorist Rodney King in 1991 were acquitted on state charges the following year.

While George Floyd of Minneapolis continually sputtered, “I can’t breathe,” a police officer spent 9 and a half minutes in 2020 kneeling on his neck.

Flashpoint of 1992 LA Riots Comes a Place of Celebration

Protests against police brutality and racial inequality erupted around the world after the release of the harrowing bystander footage.

Derek Chauvin, a former police officer in Minneapolis, was found guilty of first-degree murder and manslaughter on Tuesday.

At a notorious junction in South Los Angeles, the verdict was welcomed with both celebration and mourning.

She Claimed, “I was Right Here.” Everything is on Fire and Shops are Being Looted

The 62-year-old Pasadena homeowner Randy Dulaney lived in close proximity to the intersection.

He was in town on Tuesday to visit an aunt, and while he was there he couldn’t help but swing by the crossroads to “give love back to the neighbourhood” and partake in the celebrations.

In light of this, we can do more,” Dulaney said. A hat with the words “I can’t breathe” sewn on it and a John Lewis life and legacy T-shirt adorned his head and chest, respectively.

Joyce Robertson, 69, was spotted on the pavement on Tuesday with her arm raised while passing automobiles beeped their horns in her favour.

How Many Decades Ago was it that I was Standing on this Very Corner?” She Asked.

More work, Robertson said, is necessary. She saw connections between the way police treated Black guys 30 years ago and the way they treat them today.

While acknowledging that “it’s a different time,” she went on to say that the two scenarios were eerily similar. They just don’t get it.


After a police officer was found guilty of murder in the 1992 death of George Floyd, the area in South Los Angeles that had been the epicentre of the riots was transformed into a scene of joy.

In 1992, after four Los Angeles police officers were acquitted of beating Black motorist Rodney King, rioting occurred in the area bounded by Florence and Normandie avenues.

Over sixty people were killed, and hundreds of businesses were destroyed, during those disturbances.

Nonetheless, on Tuesday, a crowd that included people of many races came to celebrate the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Residents in the neighbourhood in 1992 saw this as a sign of progress and asked for further transparency.