GE Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The water goes through a three-stage filtration process using reverse osmosis. The complete installation package consists of a chrome faucet with a filter replacement indicator.

Certified to remove lead, arsenic, pesticides, and more than a dozen other pollutants through premium filtration.

GE Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

What is Reverse Osmosis?

The method was initially developed as a means to – desalinate sea water or brackish water so that it could be consumed. Heavy metals and other specific chemical pollutants should be reduced.

In reverse osmosis (RO), the pressure of the incoming water pushes the water through a semipermeable membrane that lets the water molecules through but not the bigger molecules of the dissolved minerals (like salt).

The method successfully removes any impurities from the water, leaving only clean drinking water.

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What is the Function of a Reverse Osmosis Tank?

Air pressure is used to push water from a reverse osmosis tank to a special faucet installed above the sink.

Hydropneumatic describes how the water in a reverse osmosis tank is mixed with pressured air.

Hydropneumatic water storage tanks can provide pressurised water on-demand and without the need for a booster pump.

The bladder in the middle of the reverse osmosis tank separates the air chamber from the water chamber.

The air around you can be compressed, but water cannot be. The air chamber is compressed while the reverse osmosis system fills the storage tank with water.

The pressure of compressed air keeps rising. When you turn on the water, the air pressure forces water up through the faucet and out of the tank.

Without the air chamber, the water tank would fill up but be useless for transportation without additional equipment, such as a delivery pump.

Having a delivery system without an electric pump is possible with hydropneumatic storage tanks.

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This filter can purify up to 11 gallons of water each day and is designed to be fitted beneath your sink so as not to draw attention to itself.

Drinking and cooking with water that has a better taste because to the removal of microscopic impurities like arsenic, lead, and ammonia is made possible by the reverse osmosis membrane.

By forcing feed water (water that has not been filtered) across a semipermeable membrane under high pressure, pollutants can be removed.

Clean drinking water is produced by passing water over a RO membrane from a more concentrated side (with more impurities) to a less concentrated side (with fewer contaminants).