GRE Practice Test – Exam, Scores, Percentile and FAQs

After getting a bachelor’s degree, you must be thinking about what you should do next. Many dreams of getting their masters degree from a foreign university, and if you are one of the lots, you must take the GRE Practice Test exam.

GRE Practice Test - Exam, Scores, Percentile and FAQs

What is the GRE Practice Test?

The Graduate Record Test, which is commonly known as GRE Test, is a computer-based standard Test that allows you to get admission into most graduate colleges of USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Singapore as well as Australia.

Your GRE score is assessed along with your previous academic record and other corresponding certificates and papers. The University you are applying for checks whether you are qualified enough to get admission in there. It is believed to be an impartial method totally free from any prejudice(s).

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A good GRE Practice Test score always means that for you, the sky is the limit.

What Are The GRE Sections?

There are three main sections in the GRE Test namely

  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

The test begins with the Analytical Writing section of an hour. Followed by two parts of Vernal Reasoning having approximately twenty questions each to be completed in thirty minutes. In each of about 20 questions, two sections of quantitative reasoning are to be completed in 35 minutes.

1 – Analytical Writing

The analytical writing section of the GRE test consists of two essays that need to be written in a cumulative time of 60 minutes or less. These will essay will always come at the beginning of the Test paper, and you cannot move to the other sections without finishing this. In the two essays, you will be required to analyze an issue and an argument. You will be required to put forward your views on the given topic.

This tests your thinking in complex situations and your ability to reason. Your essays need to be grammatically correct and not vague. Your essays should be well written with proper usage of punctuation. You must take into consideration that your essay is going to be read by highly educated professors and officers of Universities. A certain decorum needs to be maintained while writing the essays.

The score range of Analytical Writing is from 1 to 6.6 being the highest.

The mean score in this section is 4.0. The score can vary by 0.5 points.

2  – Verbal Reasoning

There are 40 questions in the verbal section (2 sections with 20 questions each). Each section is of 30 minutes. The verbal section of GRE basically consists of sub-sections.

3 – Text Completion

Text Completion questions require you to fill in the blanks. There can be 1,2 or 3 blanks in a single question. There are a total of 6 questions related to text completion in each verbal reasoning section. You are given a perfect score only if you can guess all the answers of a particular question correctly, and three is no scope for partial marks.

You should not take more than 90 seconds to attempt to ask the questions related to this section. You must build your vocabulary to guess the words as soon as you see the lines.

4 – Sentence Equivalence

Sentence Equivalence questions require you to fill the blank with two words, both of which make sense with respect to the question. Both words should produce the same meaning when used in the sentence. In this section, you will encounter 4 questions for which you must not take more than a minute in each question.

In this section also, there is no scope of partial marking, and you will receive marks only if both the words make sense in accordance with the sentence. To encounter this section, you must build up your vocabulary, just like in the text completion section.

5 – Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension section can be termed by some as easy, and by doing, it is believed to be hard by some depending on your craze for books. If you are into reading and live to read. Not just reading but reading while having a critical mind.

You must look into these Comprehensions while having a reasoning mind. You need to read and understand at the same time so that you can easily answer all the questions. There are five paragraphs in total and a cumulative of 10 questions.

6 – Quantitative Reasoning (QUANT)

On the computer-based GRE Test, there are two 35-minute Quantitative Reasoning sections. If you are not able to perform well in the first section, then the computer itself gives you a comparatively more straightforward second section. However, it means that you will have a lower score.

The questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section assess your ability to solve problems using mathematical and logical reasoning and basic mathematical concepts and skills. The mathematics content on the GRE Test does not go beyond what is generally taught in schools. It includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. There are 12 problem-solving questions and eight questions on the quantitative comparison.

7 – Quantitative Comparison

In this section, you are required to compare two given quantities and find the relationship between those two. This section is believed to be really tricky as you need to think smart to be fast rather than calculate. You should not take much time in this section.

8 – Problem Solving

The questions related to this section have 5 options with a single correct answer. These questions need a tricky mind to choose the correct answers. There are numeric answers, as well. These questions check your mental strength as well as real-life experiences

There are also a handful (typically three per section) of Problem Solving questions associated with one or more charts. This Data Interpretation (DI) questions work like other PS Qs, but it is essential to note that gleaning the information correctly from the graphs is the key to answering them.

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How is the GRE Practice Test Scores?

1. In the analytical writing section, scores are given in the range of 0 to 6 with a 0.5 point increment.

2. In the verbal reasoning section, the score range of from 130 to 170 with 1 point increment.

3. In the Quantitative Reasoning, section scoring is done from 130 to 170 with 1 point increment.

How Much is GRE Test Score Good?

There is no perfect definition of a “Good” GRE score. The quality of your score depends on the number of applicants who are applying for your desired program and college. In most cases, a score of 75 percentile is believed to be excellent and safe.

A 90 percentile is believed to be excellent, and in most cases, you get admitted to your desired course. A score of more than 96 can take you to three peaks of Ivy League colleges and the top 10 universities of the world, and it is an exceptional score.

What is ScoreSelect?

The ScoreSelect feature of GRE gives you the opportunity to send your best GRE score to the universities after you have given the test on a given date.

How Long Is the GRE Practice Test?

The GRE Practice Test is basically a four-hour-long Test, including the breaks in between and the average duration of the Test. However, it is advised to report at the Test center thirty minutes before the commencement of the Test.

When is the GRE Test Offered?

You can give the GRE Practice Test throughout the year on select days at the test centers. You can give the GRE Test 21 days after appearing for the previous one. You can attempt it for a maximum of 5 times in a 12-month rolling period.

When to Take the GRE Practice Test?

There are different deadlines for different programs, so you must plan ahead and decide a date that would suit you the most. You will have to keep in mind all the work that needs to be done beforehand.

How Much Does It Cost to Take the GRE Test?

The cost to take the GRE is $205 for all testing locations except China. The fee of $25 includes sending score reports to up to four graduate institutions of your choice.

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