Here’s How to Watch the ‘And Just Like That’ Finale For Free to See What Happens to Carrie

Find out what happened to Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, and why they aren’t still friends with Samantha in And Just Like That.

When you learn how to watch it for free online, if you want to know why Samantha isn’t in the Sex and the City reboot.

Here’s How to Watch the ‘And Just Like That’ Finale For Free to See What Happens to Carrie

When Is the ‘And Just Like That’ Release Date?

On December 9th, HBO Max aired the first two episodes of the new series Just Like That. From then on, new episodes, as well as the series finale, will be available on the streaming site every Thursday.

And Just Like That’s first season consists of 10 episodes, each of which is between 42 and 44 minutes long.

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How to Watch And Just Like That Online for Free

Where then may one find a free streaming link to And Just Like That? If you don’t have an HBO Max membership but want to watch And Just Like That online for free, read on for some suggestions.

Watch And Just Like That With Hulu’s HBO Max Free Trial

Users can test out HBO Max without spending a dime by taking advantage of Hulu’s free trial offer.

The programme provides a free seven-day trial of Hulu and HBO Max, giving consumers ample opportunity to evaluate the offerings before committing to a paid membership.

A cancellation reminder will help you avoid being paid for a membership you no longer want.

Adding HBO Max to a Hulu subscription will cost $14.99 per month once the free trial period finishes.

Watch And Just Like That With AT&T’s Free HBO Max Subscription

A free HBO Max membership may be yours if you are an AT&T user or know someone who is. The first thing to do is see if your AT&T plan offers a complimentary HBO Max subscription.

AT&T Unlimited Choice, AT&T Unlimited Choice II, AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced, and AT&T Unlimited & More Premium.

They are all compatible with AT&T Unlimited Elite. A free HBO Max subscription is included with these plans.

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The ladies have returned! True, three of them fit that description. Cast members Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon will be back for another season as Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, respectively.

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that the programme will continue without its main cast.

But fans can rest certain that many of their favourite characters will make a comeback, albeit with some age and wisdom added.