How Did Squidward Die in Spongebob

Who or what caused Squidward’s demise? Are you interested in this pattern? It’s all laid out for you here.

Each of us have some sort of unspoken connection with Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. Now, however, people are starting to take him seriously. Many adults have fond childhood memories of watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

The comedy is known for its levity and good humour, but it also touches on some very real issues.

Even while grown-ups might relate to Squidward’s pessimism, kids tend to empathise more with SpongeBob’s irrepressible optimism.

Lots of grownups would like to be able to speak and do the things that Squidward says and does. Squidward is justified in his pessimism.

His temperament is probably due to the stressful nature of his job and the lack of downtime he experiences.

How Did Squidward Die in Spongebob

A new trend on the video-sharing platform TikTok features Nickelodeon’s Squidward Q. The app’s tentacles have begun to expand, and it might make you feel a little uneasy. In response to the Google query “How did Squidward die?,” internet users are documenting their responses.

Many viewers have been disturbed by the video, and while some may find the trend amusing, we find it disturbing that the footage was used in a cartoon.

Let’s get some serious insight into this.

Why is ‘How Did Squidward Die?’ a Top Trend on TikTok?

The latest craze on TikTok has creators filming themselves both before and after they look up a sentence in Google.

A lot of people want to know, “What happened to Squidward?”

The top hit claims that the humanoid octopus character from SpongeBob SquarePants takes his own life with a shotgun in an unaired episode dubbed “Squidward’s Suicide,” also known as “Red Mist.”

When did people start asking, “How did Squidward die?”

It sprang out of the website CreepyPasta, which is dedicated to creepy things in general but not pasta specifically.

In a nutshell, they’re Internet-famous urban legends with a horror theme. Short, user-created spooky stories with the express purpose of scaring readers are common.

This terrible Squidward story was allegedly uploaded by an anonymous member on the /x/paranormal board on 7chan.

The user was an intern at Nickelodeon and says that one of their responsibilities was to watch a copy of the episode “Fear of the Krabby Patty” with a bunch of other people.

The animators decided to press on with the project despite the episode’s misleading title, “Squidward’s Suicide,” because they took it as a joke.

Just what is the video about?

Oh, you’re courageous, you want to know, and I’ll tell you because it’s great to be afraid and have other people share their fears with you. What actually occurs in the video is as follows:

Squidward’s Suicide is the episode’s opening title, and it’s followed by a pan of Squidward playing the clarinet miserably.

Shortly after leaving his residence, he hears SpongeBob and Patrick giggling at him. Squidward tells them to shut up because he’s in the middle of a disastrous rehearsal for a concert.

But as the crowd blasted his awful performance, it looked like everyone in the room, including SpongeBob and Patrick, had been crying for two hours straight.

Humbled and ashamed, Squidward is shown in his chamber, kneeling with his head on his hands and crying. The sobbing didn’t sound like Squidward; rather, it seemed like a ghost was lamenting or shouting.

Eventually, Squidward’s face is shown to the camera. Furthermore, I have no idea if the individual who made the video lost their mind or not.

If the video isn’t working right now, for example. However, the pace of the film picked up, and strange noises could be heard in the background.

When all of the yelling finally stops, Squidward is shown to be holding a shotgun to his mouth. I’m not sure if I heard correctly, but a deep voice screamed “Do it!” from off-screen.

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion. Minutes later, Squidward takes his own life, and the clip ends with a wide shot of his corpse.

I’m simply curious as to whether or not the person who recorded this terrifying video is doing alright, given the traumatic events depicted in it.