How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go

To keep in touch with other Trainers you see on your Pokémon GO travels, you can add them as friends in the game.

A Trainer’s 12-digit Trainer Code and its matching QR code are both completely unique. This is a friend invite code, so feel free to share it with others.

Through their Friend List, Trainers can read Friend Requests and decide whether or not to accept them.

The two of you will become friends if they accept your friend request, and you may then see their Trainer Profile via your Friend List.

How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go

Your Friend Request will automatically be deleted after 7 days if they do not accept it. Your total number of Niantic buddies, including those from other Niantic apps, can’t exceed 400.

As soon as you hit that number, adding any more friends will prevent you from removing existing ones.

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How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go?

Because each new friend can be someone who can help you with raids and another person to offer you gifts for things and EXP every day.

Knowing the maximum number of friends in Pokémon Go is vital. The maximum allowed is also commonly referred to as the maximum number of friends.

If you want to get the most out of your friendships, it’s worth it to work your way up from “good friends” to “great friends”

And then “ultra friends” and “best friends,” where you’ll receive even more benefits like better stuff from gifts.

How Can I Add More Friends Past That Number?

The current limit of 400 friends is a downgrade from the previous limit of 200 for the entire game, but it’s still an improvement if you play one game more than the others.

If you want to increase your buddy count, you must first become more selective in accepting new friends and discarding those you find unappealing. Those people who never remember to send presents? Sure, they can start.

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As promised, Pokemon Go continues to dominate the market. It has accomplished this by steadily adding new products and services.

The game makes use of augmented reality features to bring the Pokemon universe into the real world.

The players will avoid the hassle of searching for and acquiring new Pokemon. Players can now engage in PvP with their friends and strangers alike in Pokemon Go.

Necessitating that they bring out their strongest Pokemon for battle. A lot of people are curious about the maximum friend count in Pokemon Go.