How Old is Dana Cutler

As a judge on the reality television show, Couples Court With the Cutlers, Dana Cutler is well-known. When she moves to Kansas City to work with James W. Tippin and Associates, she’ll be an inhabitant.

Keith Cutler, her boyfriend of two years, helped her make the decision. As a member of the Board of Curators in 2006, she serves as an elected official.

How Old is Dana Cutler

The Missouri Bar elected her to serve as president, and she also sits on the boards of Swope Community Enterprises and the hospital where she grew up.

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Judge Dana Cutler Age

In the year 2022, Dana will be 55 years old. As a result of this, she was born in the United States in 1967.

However, the specifics of his birth and birthdate are a closely guarded family secret. However, we’re keeping an eye on things and will be updating this section as soon as we have more details.

Dana Cutler Education

After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she turned to Dana Cutler weight loss.

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Dana Cutler pursued a J.D. at the University of Missouri.

Her spouse graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law before Dana Cutler lost weight.

Since then, they’ve been together, but it’s unclear when they got married. They are married and have two children together.

Judge Dana Cutler Net Worth

By the year 2020, the predicted net worth of Dana Cutler is $2 million. Here, we’re talking about all she owns and earns.

Her job as a lawyer and judge provides the most of her financial resources. Cutler has amassed a sizable wealth, but she likes to live a simple life despite her success.

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In addition to her Emmy-nominated show, Couples Court with the Cutlers, Dana Tippin Cutler is a well-known American lawyer and judge.

Her spouse, Keith Cutler, also works with her. There has never been a married pair in charge of a TV courtroom before.

There are at least 100 U.S. television areas that carry their show, and it is also available on YouTube. They have 290,000 YouTube subscribers.

An enormous number of interpersonal conflicts are resolved thanks to this television show. James W. Tippin & Associates is another firm where Cutler is a partner.