How To Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

The use of a “game loop” in the creation of video games is widespread. A game loop is used by the vast majority of games, Minecraft included.

Gameplay events always occur at the same time in relation to the game loop. A single iteration of the game loop is referred to as a “tick.” This means that the tick speed is the total number of ticks that are performed in one second.

How To Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

The game loop in Minecraft always completes its cycle at a pace of 20 ticks per second. However, the game loop will run at a slower rate if your PC isn’t up to snuff.

Due to this, gameplay events will take longer to complete. You, the player, can set the tick speed to any amount between 0 and 256. What are the steps to making that adjustment? Find out what happens in the next section.

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How Fast Does Time Normally Tick in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, time is measured in what is called a “game tick.” By default, Minecraft’s tick rate is set at 20 ticks per second. If this is the case, then each tick requires 0.05 seconds.

The tick rate determines how often game states are refreshed. In Minecraft, for instance, a day has a duration of 24000 ticks.

In terms of actual time, this amounts to roughly 20 minutes. By hitting ALT+F3 while playing, you can rapidly find out the game’s Ticks Per Second (TPS).

The Standard Random Tick Rate of Minecraft

In Minecraft, some blocks receive something called a “random block tick.” However, not all blocks will move when you tick them. Those that do typically use it to provide the latest information on a specific occasion. Some of the following occurrences may be impacted as a result.

  • Plants can flourish or become uprooted.
  • There is a possibility that vines will grow.
  • There is a chance that snow and ice will melt.
  • The leaves could rot.
  • The lava could spark adjacent flames.
  • New methods of irrigation for farms are implemented.

The default value for the random tick speed in the Java edition of Minecraft is 3. On the other hand, the Bedrock Edition has a default value of 1. Serious problems can arise from attempting to control the random tick rate.

For instance, if it’s set too high, vegetation may develop too rapidly, and flames may spread out of control. As a result, the game might as well be unplayable.

Among Minecraft Players, the Fastest Tick Rate is:

256 ticks per second is the maximum tick speed in Minecraft. The tick rate is a slider, so you may set it anywhere from 0 to 256.

Here’s How to Vary Minecraft’s Tick Rate

Let’s learnlet’ss adjust it now that you know what tick speed is and how it affects your gaming.

Once cheats are activated, “/gameruleaa”omTickSpeed |tick number|> can be used to alter the random tick rate.

” For instance, “/gameruleaa”domTickSpeed 80” will cause the tick to refresh every 4 seconds.

However, the command cannot be entered until the chat window has been opened. The chat window can be accessed in a variety of ways, depending on the platform.

You need to use the “T” key if you’re using Windows 10 or the Javascript Edition. However, the D-pad on a PlayStation or Xbox controller can be used in a similar fashion. After bringing up the chat box, you can type the necessary command to adjust the tick rate.

If you increase the tick rate, the game will update less frequently. Tweaking the tick rate down will cause the game to update more frequently, however. If your computer is unable to handle the required updates for the tastets, the game may become unplayably slow. Carefully adjust your tick speed, though.

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To Sum Up

Twenty ticks per second is the game’s default tick rate. The rate at which the game world is refreshed depends on a variable called “tick speed.” Unpredictable events, such as the development of crops or the spread of fires, can be sped up or slowed down depending on the tick speed.

Using the chat window, type “/gamerule ra”omTickSpeed |tick number|> to alter the random tick speed.

” To avoid making the game unplayable due to a tick speed that is too fast or too slow, it is essential to use caution while making adjustments to the tick speed.