How to Clear Storage on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, in contrast to the iPhone or iPad, doesn’t have a lot of storage space for apps, music, podcasts, and other media. Watch models provide varying capacities. The Apple Watch Series 8, 7, 6, 5, and SE have 32GB of storage space, but the Series 4 and Series 3 GPS + Cellular models have only 16GB, and the Series 3 GPS model has only 8GB.

The amount of stuff you download or sync to your watch might quickly deplete available storage capacity. You can, however, get a sense of how much room you have by looking at your watch. To help you decide what to delete when storage space is low, it may also break out how much space is taken up by individual programs and pieces of material.

How to Clear Storage on Apple Watch

How to Clear Storage on Apple Watch

Here you will some out some ways on How to Clear Storage on Apple Watch:

Check Storage Space

The Watch app on your phone will show you how much space is available on your watch. In the app, select My Watch > General > About. After a brief pause, the program will provide the sum of the device’s music, photographs, and installed apps.

Both the entire capacity and the actual usable space are displayed. Go to Settings > General > Storage on your Apple Watch to view the available space. Space use and free storage are also shown in this area. Slide the bottom of the screen to see how much room your music, podcasts, and photos take up.

Remove Apps

Now that you know what’s eating up your storage space, you can get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Let’s start with removing apps from your Watch through your phone’s app. To see what you have already installed on your Apple Watch, launch the app and slide down from the My Watch page.

To uninstall an app from your Apple Watch, simply tap the program’s name and then toggle the Show App on Apple Watch switch to the off position. You can always reinstall the app by returning to the previous screen and tapping the Install option under the Available Apps section.

Pressing the Digital Crown brings up a list of all the apps installed on the watch, from which you can uninstall them directly.

If the Home screen is set to Grid View, you may make all the icons jiggle by pressing down on one of them. To uninstall an app, select it by tapping the Delete App button, then tapping the X. If the icons are jiggling, press the Digital Crown to fix the problem.

Remove Music

Music on your Apple Watch could also be deleted. Launch the iPhone’s Watch application. Slide down the My Watch screen and press the Music icon. By selecting Recently Played, you can include music from only the past few plays.

If you’re interested in seeing how much storage space can be freed up by disabling this feature, try removing some recently added albums. Then, in the menu that appears, select Edit. To remove a playlist or album, select it and then hit the Delete button.

Launch the Music app on your Apple Watch to remove albums instantly. Simply swipe down on the album cover art to reveal the “On iPhone” and “Library” options. To delete an album, go to the Library menu, then to Albums by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Change Photo Sync Settings

Photos can also have their sync preferences adjusted from the phone to the watch. To access the Photos tab in the Watch app, launch it from your iPhone’s home screen, then scroll down the My Watch area.

You can modify the synced album and the quantity of photographs regardless of whether Mirror my iPhone or Custom is selected. Select Sync Album and then select a new album, preferably one with fewer pictures. Select Photos Limit and set the maximum number of synchronized photos to 25. Your synchronized photographs will then refresh on your watch.


You know what to do if your Apple Watch informs you that its storage is full despite your best efforts to avoid doing so. However, there can be occasions when your Apple Watch will falsely report that it is full. What follows is a solution to both problems.

If you’ve run into a situation where the content you’ve downloaded onto your Apple Watch is legitimately too much, the solution is simple: delete some of it. Simply launch the Watch app on your iPhone and select the desired applications (Photos, Music, Podcasts, and so on).

There you’ll find options to disable syncing, remove previously synced data, and more. Hope now you know how to clear storage on apple watch.