How to Connect Apple Pencil to The iPad

Not only do people have emotions, but pets do too. There are moments when it appears like your Apple Pencil is in a bad mood and refuses to pair with your iPad, and other times when it does pair, it keeps dropping the connection.

Are you having trouble pairing your Apple Pencil? Learn more about the Apple Pencil’s connection to the iPad and what to do if it’s not recognized.

How to Connect Apple Pencil to The iPad

How to Connect Apple Pencil to The iPad

You might imagine that by simply holding the Pencil, it will function. But if it’s the first time, that’s not totally accurate. The Apple Pencil must be paired and connected to the iPad before it can be used.

It’s possible that your Apple Pencil hasn’t been associated with your iPad, which is preventing you from using it. Compatibility is another factor to consider. Apple Pencil has been around for a while, and there have been two incarnations so far.

If your Apple Pencil won’t pair with your iPad, you might be using an incompatible model. To begin, we’ll examine the Apple Pencil’s compatibility with the various iPad models before moving on to the pairing process.

How to connect 1st generation Apple Pencil to iPad

To charge your Apple Pencil, unscrew the lid and plug it into the Lightning port on your iPad. An on-screen ‘Pair’ button should then appear; hit it, and your Apple Pencil will be ready for use.

How to connect 2nd generation Apple Pencil to iPad

Your iPad that is compatible with the 2nd version iPencil will have a magnetic connector on the left side. You can charge and sync your iPencil with your iPad by placing it on the magnetic connector.

Apple Pencil Won’t Sync with iPad

If that’s the case, check out Apple’s official troubleshooting procedures below. In the event that this does not help, please contact Apple Support:

Step 1: Make sure the magnetic connector on the right side of the iPad is in the center of your second-generation Apple Pencil. Take off the top of your Apple Pencil and attach it to the iPad’s Lightning port without the cap.

Step 2: You can try again after restarting your iPad.

Step 3: To activate Bluetooth, head to the menu (three dots) and select that option.

Step 4: Find your Apple Pencil in the same menu under “My Devices.” It’s a ‘i’ if you see it. Click the Forget this Device button.

Step 5: When the Pair button displays on your iPad a few seconds after you connect your Apple Pencil, tap it.

Step 6: Wait one minute while your Apple Pencil charges if you don’t see the Pair button. Then, reconnect your Apple Pencil and hold it that way until the Pair button appears.

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In the iPad’s eleven-year lifespan, the Apple Pencil is arguably one of the best tablet and peripheral pairings. Using a stylus with a touchscreen to take notes and even sketch isn’t a novel concept, but the iPencil and iPad deliver an experience that’s unmatched.

Many have tried to follow in its footsteps, including Microsoft with its Surface series and Samsung with its Galaxy line of tablets. But none of them have achieved the same level of precision, sensitivity, or overall feel of the original.

You should check the Apple Pencil compatibility matrix to determine which Apple Pencil is compatible with your iPad model. Hope now you know How to Connect Apple Pencil to The iPad.