How To Delete Voicemail on Samsung?

Knowing how to erase voicemails is useful if you use a voicemail service to handle calls while you’re not available to answer them.

Here, we’ll go over the quickest and simplest methods for clearing out your Android phone’s voicemail inbox. Plus, there are options to restore lost or corrupted communications in our frequently asked questions section.

Find out How to Listen to Your Voicemails on your Android Device.

Simply dialling your voicemail box will allow you to listen to your messages. You can either manually enter your cell phone number or utilise speed dial to get in touch with me:

Step 1. Clicking on the phone icon will launch the phone application.

Step 2. Tap and hold the “1” key. Your mobile service provider could have a different number.

Step 3. If prompted, enter your voicemail passcode.

Soon after, you should start hearing your voicemails.

If you have never set up a Voicemail password or can’t remember it, you can use the last seven or four digits of your phone number as a temporary one. You could also try getting in touch with your mobile network provider.

When accessing voicemail, different networks provide varying instructions. Follow the on-screen instructions to play back the message, save it, or get rid of it.

Accessing Your Animated Voicemail

The idea of a visual voicemail is quite recent. Rather than dialling the number associated with your Voicemail box, you can access your messages using a specialised app. Within this specific programme, you can playback, delete, and read your messages.

Using the Visual Voicemail interface, you can access your voicemail by:

Step 1. Activate Visual Voicemail and then open it.

Step 2. You can listen to any of your voicemails by choosing one from the list.

Get in touch with your service provider if you don’t see the Visual Voicemail option. The availability of visual voicemail depends on your mobile phone provider.

Getting Rid of Old Voicemails on Your Android

If you want to get rid of a voicemail, or several, from your phone:

Step 1. Swipe up to open voice mail.

Step 2. Select “Voicemail” from the menu’s drop-down menu.

Step 3. Go to your voicemail and click the menu button (three dots).

Step 4. To make changes, click “Edit.”

Step 5. To remove many voicemails at once, either press and hold the first one, or use the Select all button.

Step 6. Use the Delete button.

Step 7. Give your assent to wiping your voicemails.

If you delete a voicemail, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

You’ve Reached the End of Your Voicemail’s Storage Space.

When you can’t or don’t want to answer your phone, your voicemail service will take messages and return them to you at a later time. Messages can pile up rapidly, but we have the option to listen to and/or remove them from our phones to make room for more.

Now that you know how simple it is to manage your voicemails from your Android phone, we’re curious: Have you ever erased a message by mistake? Exactly how did you get back on your feet? Describe it in the feedback box if you like.