How to Learn Spanish

Learning new languages is a good thing. It keeps our minds active and refreshed. So we should try to learn a new language nonetheless. Spanish is a good language that you can easily learn with some effort and determination.

In this article, we are going to list a few things that you can do to learn this language in an easier way. We are not saying it will be super easy and overnight but it will be easier than some others.

How to Learn Spanish?

The process to learn Spanish is not that hard. Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest languages to learn in this world. So if you put in a little bit of time and effort then you can easily learn Spanish very quickly. So here are a few steps or rather methods that you can follow in the learning process that can assist you. So let’s start with the first one.

Method 1: Using a Language Learning Course

This can be the best way to learn Spanish at home. You should take a placement test first though before you start the learning process. The placement test will determine whether you know some Spanish or not. They will help you to place out some of the best training courses available online depending on the level you are at.

You can of course once again start from the beginning if you are not quite confident but there are always ways to get around that and start at the level you are at according to the placement test.

You can use an app if you do not have the time to sit in front of your computer or laptop every day. You can use the app to learn from it. Apps like Duolingo are completely free and you do not have to pay even an entry fee for using it. Now we must mention that these courses are good enough to make you learn Spanish but if you want a polished skill then you can take some university courses too.

They are much more detailed and complicated to grasp and go on a higher pace too. So keep that in mind before you choose to opt for one.

Method 2: Participating in Language Learning Exchanges

There are many language exchange programs that you can find online. Most of them are free but some can ask you for payment too. Try to search a little and we are sure that you will find a language learning app or a site in no time. We are not naming anyone in this article.

Before you join though try to figure out what you want to achieve by being in this exchange program. It can be a two-edged sword because you will need to speak your native tongue to that person teaching you Spanish too.

If you so do not want to find an online partner then you can ask your friends and use your connections to introduce Yourself to a native Spanish speaker and then you can learn a lot about the language first hand. This can turn out to be a bit difficult than the language learning exchange though since this is real life and not the internet.

If you are not comfortable with either one of the options then you can go for a paid online Spanish tutor. They can assist you in anything you want since you are paying them.

Method 3: Creating an Immersive Environment Online

Your online environment should not be stagnant. Learning a new language is a tough job. Even though it is one of the easiest languages to learn you can out just expect it to be easy as reading ABC. You need to surround yourself with the language in order to learn it properly.

This should be the case online too. Start to watch Spanish videos on your phone or computer daily instead of the regular ones.

You need to get the stuff that you get on your phone turned to Spanish. Label items around your house in Spanish. You do not need to buy a label maker for that. Just buy a sticky note pad and then write the Spanish name of the local household objects on it. In this way, you are basically surrounding yourself with the language that you are trying to learn.

Soon enough you will begin to think in Spanish too. Since in this generation we spend most of our time online it would be a big help if you keep on reading and listening to Spanish content online. We have given a much in-depth explanation next method.

Method 4: Learning Through Immersion

Learn the basics that you need. You can start slow but you can make your way up. Learn a few basic phrases first and then try to have a basic conversation in Spanish. It does not have to be something very complicated. Just a simple conversation can be useful. This is done in the beginning stages though so keep that in mind.

Listen to Spanish music and also watch Spanish movies and TV shows. Now, this might be a little difficult in the beginning but if you try then you can actually understand what they are saying. Try to catchphrases in the music too. You should also try to read books in the Spanish language. If you do not want to read physical books then you can also go for audiobooks.

The other thing that you can do is to change your mobile settings to Spanish so that you can follow the language in your daily life. Now you need to understand that this is the way that is possible only when you learn the basics of the Spanish language. Try it, this can be very useful for you.

You can also make flashcards to learn and memorize Spanish words and phrases. They can be a very useful way of learning. This is suggested and certified by many professional teachers too. The flashcards can give you info to learn in small chunks.

Method 5: Getting Help From Others

A local class can be of great help for the learners. If you do this in a group then the interaction will be good and you will learn more in the form of a competitive spirit. Community colleges or some special course in learning Spanish should be the first thing you look for.

Buy a language dictionary and a phrasebook if you can. They can be a bit expensive. You can borrow from a friend or a library too. Or you can get a second handbook too. This way they will be better affordable. This might not seem as much but they can be actually very useful in the Spanish language learning process. If you are finding it difficult to understand something then look it up in the book.

Join a local Spanish conversation group. The group can be of first-time learners or experienced people too. If you converse with people in Spanish then you can develop your Spanish speaking skills a lot. If you are uncomfortable in big groups then you can find a single language partner too. As long as you are being vocal about the language and interacting, it will be helpful for you.

Method 6: Using Computer or Mobile Apps

You can sign up for online courses too. There are many free courses that are available online. You just need to do some research and you will find a lot of them. We spend a lot of our time online either way so why not use it for some learning too? You can also check out Spanish forums and blogs and then you can contribute to those forums too.

You should practice speaking the language Spanish every day. This is going on to help with your pronunciation. The fact that there are a lot of online lessons too can be beneficial for us. Download the online lessons that you can get and practice one every day.

You do not have to spend a lot of time after this every single day. A time strip of 30 minutes will be sufficient enough. If you are having trouble then set a reminder on your phone every day.


We hope that this article has been useful for you. Thank you so much for giving this article a read. We can only hope to advise, the final job lies with you. If you do not put in the effort then you won’t be getting the results either. So pay attention to the course and the process and you will be able to learn the language in no time.

Now you should share this article with others too who are trying to learn Spanish. This article might end up helping them too. Thank you once again. Have a great day!