How To Write A Book

Writing a book is quite a difficult process. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. It can be quite straining during times so we need to do it in a methodical way. Everything is better when you are taking things one step at a time and it would be easier to sort out your thoughts and achieve the goals that you have set.

In this article, we are going to let you know all about the steps that you need to take to finish a book. The process is long and it needs a lot of time. But you should just be patient and get through it. It will be worth your efforts.

How to Write a book?

Worrying about how to write a book? Well, we got you covered fam. This is an exclusive list stating what you should do while writing a book. It is a long process that needs your time and attention. So let us get started without wasting any of our time. So the first thing that you need to do is –

Step 1: Find your big idea

This is the first step for any writer. If you don’t have an idea about what you are writing then you won’t even be able to write one page. If you are a bit confused then you need to ask yourself certain questions. What do you want to write about?

What is the important point of the story? Who are your Target audience? They are all relevant questions that you need the answer to before you start writing this book. The big idea would start to form shape as you keep on answering these questions.

Step 2: Research your genre

There are several genres out there that you can look up. When you have decided what genre you are going to write then you need to research about it too. You have to understand how you are going to take this genre.

The kinds of books that you read should indirectly inspire the kind of book that you write. You need to figure out what people like to read. If the buyers do not want to read your book then that would be heartbreaking. So take precautions before you get disappointed.

Step 3: Create an outline

The outline is like the blueprint of your book. If this is the first book that you are writing then you need to focus on this outline. It is like the foundation of the story. First, you need to get your storyline straight. The plot is the first thing that you should get out of your way. Next comes the character.

A good book has good characters that are in-depth and not just shallow items to be placed around in your book. Have the beginning and the end jotted down. Play Around with as many ideas as you can.

Step 4: Start on strong

A strong start is important to captivate the audience. The first few pages of the book can make and break it. A strong start will compel the readers to pick up your book and keep on reading it. If you see one thing among the greatest of books ever made then you will find that most of them have one thing in common.

They all have a great start. A good start is important for your story and we can not stress it enough for you. Focus on the beginning and get going.

Step 5: Focus on your substance

The substance is important. If there is no substance then there is no book. The book style has a great impact on the readers. Your book should not beat around the bush. You have to give a clear focus on the material that you need to give to your audience. There should be not too many filler chapters in your book.

Do not waste your words in a hollow storyline. Readers will not like the fillers. They will think that you are just playing with the plot. The book will not sell and people won’t like it. You definitely don’t want that, do you?

Step 6: Write reader first

Well this goes without saying that you should always be thinking about your readers if you want to get some bucks. The book will sell better if it has content that the readers will like. Include substance that is better for your target audience.

The reader’s first perspective that you need is important for the selling of your book. It might seem a little boring to write a certain place but you do not have to rush through it. You need to take your time and build the story up so that the readers can enjoy it.

Step 7: Set word count goals

Word count is an important way to finish your book. This can improve your writing skills to a lot of extents too. It is always advised that you set your word count goals as your priority. We want you to start slow but then built up to it.

Keep the word count low for a few months and then steadily increase it. This will not only increase your speed and writing skills but will also help you to finish your book faster and within a certain amount of time. The word count set should be met every day. No matter what you write.

Step 8: Establish a healthy routine

This entire article is about method and process. You have to set up a routine that fits with your natural good flow of time. It is important that you keep up with a daily routine and take time out to actually write about the chapters or characters or anything related to the book.

Routine is important so you need to make one. It might take some time to get into the flow of things but it is nonetheless important. However, it is a good way to also take care of your mental health. Also do not break or change your routine quite often.

Step 9: Create a work space

You need to create yourself a peaceful workspace where you can focus on your book. This is an important part of the process that’s why we took this as an entire separate step. A good workspace will be quiet so that you can actually gather your thoughts, it should be your own space and it should be clean and non distracting.

It can be anywhere. It can be at your home or at a small coffee shop. Anything that makes you feel comfortable. You do you. There is no set guidelines for this.

Step 10: Use writing software

There are a number of writing software that you can use to write your book. If you haven’t used one before then you do not know how much they can help in the process of writing the book. Scrivener is writing software that many writers use.

They have an exceptional interface and it is very easy to use for beginners too. Next, we have the milanote. You can keep your thoughts which are jumbled up in one place. It can be incredibly useful. Focuswriter is also a great option for beginning writers. Go get your software as soon as possible.

Step 11: Keep yourself inspired

You really need to keep yourself inspired. With out inspiration you will not get any material to write about and then it will just become more and more difficult to continue with the story. There are so many distractions in this world that can hinder your process.

In order to keep yourself inspired you can make a list of things that makes you want to complete the book. You should also reward yourself at certain milestones in your journey to keep the inspiration going. Getting a writing biddy with yourself is also a great option that you can opt for.

Step 12: Take setbacks as they come

We have stated before that you will come across this problem. This is a part of the process and you have to get through it. There are several points where you will experience a writer’s block or maybe the losing of the desire to write.

However it is Nothing to worry about. Remember that everyone that goes through it. You have to spend some time with yourself and your thoughts. Take a short break and try to do something else.

Go have an outing or something with your friends. A few writing exercise or even a shower can get the job done

Step 13: Don’t rush the ending

We know that it can be tempting to rush to the ending. When you have created an outline for the book you have come up with several of the endings for your book. Now its okay to choose from those endings in the first place but do not let that limit you.

You can also pick a different ending for yourself too. When you are writing a book it can be quite tenous to go through the entire affair. You can not rush the ending. You owe it to your readers. The pacing of the story should be the same throughout.

If you are tired then you need to take a step back and wait for a few says to clear your head and take some rest. You will come after a fresh period of break and that will help you a lot.

Step 14: Get tons of feedback

You can write all you want but if the other people do not like it then you can get sad and it might not work out in your favor. So you need to get tons of feedback from various sources from very early on.

Ask any of your friends or your fellow writers to read a few chapters and then give you a review of what their thoughts are on the chapter. After completing your book you should get your beta reader so that they can read your entire story and then provide you with all round feedback on the entire content.

This is an advised way for all the writers. Feedbacks are not useful if you do not actually listen to it. Set your ego aside and work on the areas that have not been well received. This will help you a lot.

Step 15: Publish your book

This is the step where you publish the book. You have done a great job till now. You have done a lot of work behind your work. If you have taken our advice and then done everything that we have asked you to do about the targeted audience then it is high time for you to publish your book.

This is the end of the steps of writing your book but this is not the end of your journey. You can get help from the publishing professionals that can show you the best way in this situation. We wish you the best of luck.


We hope that this article has been useful to you. We want you to wish you the best of luck about writing and publishing your book. It can be a really frustrating process to write a book and it requires a lot of perseverance to complete a book.

Thank you so much for giving this article a read. Please let us know how the article inspired you and whether it has been of any help to you at all. Have a great day guys and keep on working. All your hard work will definitely be paid off.

Do not give up even when you face writer’s block or some other hurdle in this journey. Keep moving forward. We are with you and you have all our support.