How To Write A Conclusion

Well, don’t know how to write a conclusion? No worry because we are here. You might have guessed by the article that this is all about writing conclusions.

They are an important part of anything so you need to focus while laying on the conclusion of a story or an essay or an article. So let us just get started with the tips that we have brought to you today. We are sure not going to waste any more time beating around the bush.

How To Write a Conclusion?

Writing a good conclusion is not something that you need to get stressed about. It can be pretty simple if you know the rules. The rules are not hard either, there are just three of them and they are all pretty universal.

It means that you can very well apply these rules to any conclusion that you write. Whether it is the conclusion of a school essay or a term paper or even an article just like this one. The key elements that we are going to discuss below should be kept in mind and you are good to go.

Key Elements to a Good Conclusion

There are several points that you need to keep in mind when you are writing a Conclusion of any sort. It can be the conclusion of an essay or an article or any form of writing, to be honest.

People tend to ignore the conclusion and not put much effort into it while writing it, but it is extremely important. Ever heard of the fact that if the end is not good then neither is the content. So here are a few points to keep up with.

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1 – Restate the Main idea

What’s the main idea or theme of your essay or article? That is a good point to start your conclusion from. No, we are not asking you to summarize your entire essay or article. The main idea is the keynote.

You have written the entire content so you should know what the main idea is. Use that as a safe bet and then try to reinstate that idea into your conclusion. Believe us it works like a charm every time.

Do not just copy lines though. Make a loose translation of the main idea that you want to convey like a reminder to the readers.

2 – Summarize Three Main Points

Once again you do not need to summarize your entire article content some people have the tendency to do so. So 3 points is a good number as a benchmark for your summary. You do not have to reinstate every argument or point that you have made in the article or essay.

Just 3 of the most effective ones will do just fine. However, we must say that you can not just repeat the three points word by word. You need to show your readers that how those three points can make a hell of a difference.

The conclusion is a great place to drive your point home. This is where you can make people change their minds too.

3 – End On a high note

Always end on a high note guys. You need to keep the reader thinking about your article when they complete reading it too. You can end your essay or article with a rhetorical question or a striking quote that will reinstate your main idea once again.

There are several ways to end on a high note. With a little bit of practice, you can become good at writing conclusions.

Do not make the conclusion too big though. Keep it within limits. You got this now. We believe in you.

Things To Avoid In The Conclusion

You should try to avoid these in the Conclusion –

  • Try not to use phrases like ‘in conclusion’ or ‘to sum up’. These are really not liked by a lot of people and it is simply going to make your essay or anything look bad. You can use them while giving an oral presentation but not here in writing. That’s not welcome so throw that phrase out of the window while writing your conclusion.
  • In order to summarize the article, you do not have to write the entire thing. You just need to brush past a few important points and that’s it. Shorter essays or articles do not even need a summary in the conclusion. Include it only if your essay is more than 10 pages.
  • Stop doubting yourself and the article or essay you wrote. Do not apologize or sound unsure of yourself in the conclusion. You need to be confident for your own sake. Let’s just say that after writing a very long article you have started to doubt yourself and the content that you have written. It’s okay if you feel so but you definitely do not want to show it to others. Do not write lines like ‘this is just my opinion and approach, there may be better approaches or ways out there too’. Believe that you are the best and go with the flow.

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The irony of this article is that we are writing a conclusion here in an article about the conclusion. It just goes to show that how important a conclusion is. It is not just some part of it.

It is something that gives a sense of closure to the reader. We are really not going to listen to our own advice while writing this conclusion because this is not really an essay.

And if we once again start to babble about the same points that you just read after such a long article then we are sure you are going to hunt us down and kill us.

Anyway jokes aside, hopefully, this article has been useful to you. We would love to hear your thoughts on this article so feel free to leave your feedback in the comment box provided under this. Thank you so much once again. Have a nice day!