How to Write A Resume

Think it’s time to make yourself a resume but do not know how to get started or how to arrange the things in your resume? Well so do not worry because we are here to solve your resume problems. In this article, we are going to give you all the info about how to write a resume.

Well, we are guessing you clicked on the article after reading the title of the article, so you already knew what this was going to be about. Writing a resume has been a tough deal for a lot of people. That’s only because they do not know what to write in it. It’s okay if you are one of them. We are here to help.

How to Write A Resume

If you know the format then it is really not that hard to write a resume. You just need to follow the pattern that we tell you and you will end up with a pretty good resume. We are going to take this one step at a time so if you want you can create the resume along with the reading of this article. So let us get started right away.

Choose the Right Resume Format

First, you need to choose the right resume format. You can not just write an essay or simply start to put down your achievement and info as you like on a piece of paper. There needs to be a format. An organized format that is going to help your employer know what they are dealing with. There are quite a few different formats for a resume that you can go for.

  • Reverse Chronological Format– It is the most common and standard resume format and employers are all associated with this one.
  • Combination Format– This is great for professionals who are changing companies or so.
  • Functional Format– These are for entry-level people who can emphasize skills over experience.

You can pick anyone according to your needs and situation.

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Add Your Contact Information and Personal Details

Next, you need to add your information and contact details. There are a great deal of debate about what info should be given in a resume and what should be held back. But a true professional knows what to do in such matters.

Necessary contact information

  • Name– you need to write your first and last name.
  • Email– Mention your Email address.
  • Phone number– Personal cell phone number is preferred.
  • LinkedIn URL– Include that too.

Optional information

  • Resume title.
  • Your address.
  • Personal website.

Information to avoid inclusion in the resume

  • Date of birth– Add only if required.
  • Second email or second phone number– this will just cause confusion and problem.
  • Photo/Headshot is not required.

Start with a Heading Statement

Your heading statement should be eye-catching. You have to understand that there are literally hundreds of resumes that they have to go through. They can not read everything in the resume. In order to catch the eye, you have to make a good and strong heading statement. This will help your resume to stand out and you will have a better opportunity to being employed.

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Now then it is highly likely that the employer is not going to spend more than 10 seconds on a resume. You have to come up with something witty and smart at the same time as something that will show your value as an employee. It should summarize your position-related skills and qualifications that are going to make you the perfect fit for the job.

You can also refer to the company you are sending out your resume to. This will make it a personalized resume and catch the attention of the employer.

List Your Relevant Work Experience & Key Achievements

Work experience is extremely important in this field of life. The key achievements are the best piece of the resume that every employer looks for. So you need to make this portion of your resume attractive. This place is Where you list all your past work and achievements. There is a specific format here too.

You can not just haphazardly point down all your achievements. Here is how you should list them –

  • Job title– For every past job you Have done you should list them in order according to the job title. This goes on the very top. Make it bold.
  • Company, city, state– You need to list the previous company name that you have worked at including the state and city that it was at.
  • Dates employed– The time frame of the period where you were employed in the company is also important. Mention this too in your resume.
  • Key Responsibilities– The best thing that you should note is the key Responsibilities that you had in your previous job.
  • Key Achievements– Many people ignore it but you need to mention how well you did the job.
  • Keywords– Do not forget to include keywords in it which might catch the eye of the employer.

List Your Education Correctly

Next comes your education. You have to do this in order. Education is also an important part of your life. So here is how you should list it.

  • Your highest degree should go first. After that, you need to add your education degrees in reverse chronological order.
  • If you have a university degree then do not add the high school info.
  • Add your course works and the relevant awards too.
  • Extracurricular activities are also going to make a good impression on the employer.
  • We suggest that you so do not include your GPA in the resume too.

Put Relevant Skills that Fit the Job Ad

The relevant skills that you require for your job can change from one job opportunity to other. You have to therefore study the job opening before applying for it. You can not do the same resume for every job. Some twerks are important. Here are some skills to put on a resume –

  • Communication skills and listening skills.
  • Technical skills– Having a good know-how of the modem technology helps.
  • Job-specific skills– The skills that you need to do a particular job.
  • Creative thinking skills– Creativity at the workplace is always welcome.
  • Organizational skills– A knack for planning and organizing is good to add.
  • Leadership skills– Leadership skills are very important.

Mention Your Top Soft & Hard Skills

You have to mention your skills in any resume. It is going to give you much more of a chance. There are 2 types of skills that you can include in your resume. Soft skills are those personal skills that include communication skills, social skills, and so on.

The hard skills are measurable abilities of a person like knowing Python or knowing all about a particular subject or anything, to be honest. The range is wide and you can include all these into your resume. This will add weight to your resume.

Include Additional Resume Sections – Languages, Hobbies, etc.

There are some additional sections in your resume that you can fill up. Of course, what we have listed till now are all must-haves when you are creating a resume for yourself or for anyone else as a matter of fact. But you can also include additional stuff like languages that you might be able to speak other than your native language and then list some of your hobbies like painting or stuff.

Keep in mind that they are not necessary so you can skip them out. But we recommend adding a little color to your resume by adding these subjects too.

Complement Your Resume with a Cover Letter

Most definitely you will need a cover letter. This is just the finishing touch to your resume. Most employers will think that a resume is simply not enough to hire a person. They will need that extra push to consider giving you the job. So the cover letter can give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

It can give you an advantage over the other candidates that apply for the same job. This is going to be a great way to increase your chances of being hired.

Tailor Your Information for the Job Ad

This is important to do. Not every job is the same so you need to tailor your resume a little bit for different kinds of jobs. The ATS software filters the resume for the company. Well, it might frustrate you to be rejected by a robot but there is a way to get around the system. For this, you need to tailor your resume according to the specific job that you are applying to.

It is going to help your resume get past the system and you can have a standing chance in the competition. Once you learn how to do it, it’s pretty easy.

Proofread, Save & Email Your Resume the Right Way

The last step of the resume creation process even though it has nothing to do with the creation of a resume. Your resume is pretty much complete at this stage. Now you just need to send it to your potential employers. Just make sure that you double-check everything before you send your resume. You do not want a silly mistake to ruin all the hard work.

So proofread the entire resume that you have constructed piece by piece. Then you can save your resume at a permanent location. Then you can send it. That’s it. That’s how you create your resume.

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We hope that this article here has been useful to you. Thank you so much for giving this a read. It is a very important part of your life that you need to concentrate on. The resume of a person needs some time to be dedicated to while being written. Therefore this is how you should write your resume.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions in the comment section below. Also if you found this article useful then do consider sharing it with others too. This might just end up helping someone in need. Thank you once again for giving this article time. Have a nice day!