I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

In the days before the widespread availability of streaming video on demand (or “covid”), Netflix flooded us with a plethora of excellent shows, among which stood “I am not alright with this,” a dark comedy about a young man coming of age.

A lot of today’s teenage culture and thinking was exposed in the show. Finally, a story of a mistreated teen girl who also has to deal with her complicated home life and her budding sexuality.

Some may wonder why the show is being billed as a “coming of age” series if it essentially follows Sydney’s experience. There’s just the right amount of adolescent angst about finding one’s place in the world, with a dash of superpowers thrown in.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2

True, the American superhero show captivated viewers with its strange but compelling plot when it premiered in February 2020.

When a show premieres on Netflix, it almost always ends up on people’s “to-binge-on” lists. In addition, the service rarely renews original series for a fifth or sixth season.

Similar to “I am not cool with this,” which was also cancelled despite having a successful first season, “The Good Place” was unable to avoid the cancellation bin. What follows is essential information.

I Can’t Stand That It Won’t Be Renewed For A Second Season

Fans certainly won’t be happy, but sadly, it looks like “I am not alright with this” won’t be returning for a second season any time soon. The debut aired in February of 2020, leaving fans hanging until the season finale for answers left by Sydney.

If you’ve been waiting for Sydney and the gang to return, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed to learn that the superhero dark comedy series will not be returning for a second season.

Even if that wasn’t supposed to happen, it did. The officials at Netflix were impressed by the show’s reception and gave the go light for a second season within a month of its premiere, but the streamer just cancelled the Sophia Lillis–starring drama along with others, including The Society. The unexpected news is that after only one season, the dark comedy has been cancelled.

Netflix’s cancellation of “I’m not cool with this” begs the question: why?

Netflix has earned a reputation for providing addictive shows that hook viewers with a strong narrative, but this may become problematic when the service is unable to keep up with the demand for new episodes.

Many viewers feel cheated when shows are cancelled before they’ve been given a satisfying ending. Canceling ‘Sense 8’ is a prime example of this type of decision. However, the phrase “I am not okay with this” follows the same pattern.

The high cost of making the show was a major factor in the decision to end production. The creators have indicated that a big budget was necessary due to the high importance placed on graphics and VFX in the making of the show.

Rising hopes for a second season were dashed when the show encountered difficulties due to Covid’s effect on the entertainment business.

This show’s effects and production seems to have been completed on a shoestring budget. At least we can hold out hope that “I am not alright with this” will resume normally shortly.