Inside the Tumultuous Years Before the Florida Condo Collapse

For family get-togethers by the ocean, Elena Blasser maintained her condo in the Champlain Towers South, which featured two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

She felt right at home in Surfside, Florida, with its sandy beaches and crashing waves, because it was reminiscent of her native Cuba and Puerto Rico.

When she bought Penthouse 11 a little over a decade ago, she spent at least $100,000 remodelling it. The issues with the complex didn’t start until later.

Inside the Tumultuous Years Before the Florida Condo Collapse

The pool deck is starting to show some minor signs of cracking. Walls that chipped readily after being freshly painted.

The garage floor is soaked. Monthly maintenance fees and additional charges increased to cover the rising costs.

What are those fees for, exactly, if we have to pay them? Her son Pablo Rodriguez claims that Blasser, a 64-year-old retired educator, started repeating this to their extended family and neighbours.

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Months Before Florida Condo Collapsed, Residents And The Board Sparred Over Repairs

Residents and the board of a Florida condo had been arguing about repairs for months before the building collapsed.

The board of directors and tenants of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida were still at odds seven months before the building collapsed due to a lack of funding for emergency repairs.

In 2018, engineers issued a report that highlighted “severe structural deterioration” and a faulty structure. The structural slab had flattened out rather than sloping, a sign of its deterioration.

As a result, water accumulated on the ground instead of draining. In time, the concrete crumbled and the steel in the columns rusted.

More and more alerts were being issued about a Florida condo. Minimal Maintenance Was All That Was Required, According to Officials.

A month after the October 2018 assessment, a Surfside town official reportedly told residents that their building was “in good shape.”

This was first reported by NPR. However, the structural state of the structure deteriorated in the subsequent two years.

Why Did Florida Condo Collapse

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It is unclear what caused the collapse of a 12-story apartment building in Surfside, Florida, a suburb of Miami. Freida Frisaro in Fort Lauderdale and Bobby Caina Calvan in Tallahassee.

Both of the Associated Press, contributed reporting. According to Kilsheimer, this casts doubt on Mosalam’s because it should have resulted in the west side collapsing.

Around 2 a.m. EDT, the residential high-rise building in Surfside, Florida, fell. The Collapse of the Florida Condo: Why?

The president of the condo association had warned of deteriorating conditions in the building’s basement garage two months before the disaster.

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The building was undergoing a 40-year examination at the time of the collapse, and engineers had previously pointed out some major structural issues.

But the cause of the collapse is still a mystery. This investigation, which could take months, is being led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.