Is Drew Barrymore Married? Relationship Status, Affair, and More

Drew Barrymore, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, has had a career and personal life under the spotlight since her childhood.

With her charming performances and vibrant personality, she has stolen many hearts. But has someone currently stolen hers? Let’s uncover the query: “Is Drew Barrymore married?”

Is Drew Barrymore Married?

Current Marriage Status

As of the last update in 2021, Drew Barrymore is not married. After her third divorce in 2016, Drew has focused on her career, children, and personal growth.

She hasn’t publicly confirmed any romantic relationship since then, leading many to appreciate her commitment to self-love and family.

Past Relationships and Affairs

Drew Barrymore’s romantic life has been as dynamic as her film roles:

Jeremy Thomas (1994-1995): At 19, Drew married her first husband, British bartender Jeremy Thomas. The marriage lasted just a few weeks.

Tom Green (2001): Drew’s second marriage was to comedian Tom Green. Their union was brief, lasting only about five months.

Will Kopelman (2012-2016): Art consultant Will Kopelman was Drew’s third husband. The couple has two daughters, Olive and Frankie. Despite their divorce in 2016, both have been dedicated co-parents.

Throughout her life, Drew has had other high-profile relationships, including with actors like Justin Long and Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for ‘The Strokes’.

A Brief Biography

Born on February 22, 1975, in Culver City, California, Drew Blythe Barrymore hails from the legendary Barrymore family, with its long-standing Hollywood lineage.

Making her debut in “Altered States” (1980), she shot to fame with “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (1982). Since then, she’s graced the industry with hits like “Never Been Kissed,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “50 First Dates”.

Physical Attributes: Height and Other Metrics

Drew Barrymore stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm). With her ever-evolving hairstyles and striking features, she has been a style icon for decades. Her vivacious energy and down-to-earth nature, juxtaposed with Hollywood glam, make her a standout.

Net Worth

Boasting a career that spans over four decades, Drew’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated at around $125 million. Her income sources are not just acting; she’s a producer, director, and entrepreneur, with a successful cosmetics line, “Flower Beauty,” to her credit.

Beyond the Screen

Talk Show Host: Drew expanded her horizons by venturing into television, hosting “The Drew Barrymore Show”, further cementing her position as a versatile entertainer.

Author: Drew penned her autobiography, “Little Girl Lost” in 1991, discussing her tumultuous early years. She later released a book of essays titled “Wildflower” in 2015.

Philanthropy: Barrymore is also known for her philanthropic efforts, especially her strong association with the World Food Programme to combat hunger worldwide.

Artistic Ventures and Collaborations

Drew’s artistic pursuits have not been confined to just acting:

Beauty Mogul: “Flower Beauty,” her cosmetics brand, is an extension of her passion, offering high-quality makeup at affordable prices.

Literary Ventures: Beyond her autobiographical work, Barrymore has often expressed her love for literature, considering it a form of escapism.

Collaborations: Drew has collaborated with various actors, directors, and artists. One of her long-standing professional and personal relationships is with Adam Sandler, with whom she has co-starred in several films.


Drew Barrymore, a multifaceted gem of Hollywood, has lived a life filled with highs and lows, all under the public gaze. While her marital status is a frequent topic of curiosity, it’s her resilience, talent, and evolution that make her a figure of admiration.

As she continues to shine and inspire, fans and admirers eagerly await each new chapter in her story. Drew Barrymore’s life is a tapestry of varied experiences – from cinematic successes to personal evolutions.

As fans look at her marital status or net worth, it’s essential to recognize the broader spectrum of her journey. Rooted in legacy yet fiercely individualistic, Drew continues to inspire, carving a unique path in the annals of Hollywood.