Is Ed Sheeran Married? Relationship Status, Affair, and More

Ed Sheeran, with his unique voice and songwriting genius, has emerged as one of the most influential musical talents of our time.

His love songs resonate deeply, making many curious about the love story behind the artist. The burning question remains: “Is Ed Sheeran married?” Join us as we take a closer look.

Is Ed Sheeran Married?

Current Marriage Status

As of my last update in 2021, Ed Sheeran is indeed married. The lucky lady is none other than Cherry Seaborn, his childhood friend. The two reconnected in 2015 and began dating.

Ed and Cherry tied the knot in a private ceremony in late 2018, away from the glaring lights of media and fanfare. The couple shares a daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, born in September 2020.

Past Relationships and Affairs

Before settling down with Cherry, Ed had a few relationships that made headlines. He dated singer Ellie Goulding briefly in 2013, and there were speculations that his hit “Don’t” was inspired by their short-lived romance.

He was also linked to Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, believed to be the muse behind two of his tracks, “Nina” and “Photograph.”

A Brief Biography

Born on February 17, 1991, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Ed Sheeran began recording music in 2004 and released his first collection, ‘Spinning Man,’ independently.

However, it was his move to London in 2008 and the subsequent extended play, ‘No. 5 Collaborations Project’, that caught the industry’s eye. Albums like +, x, and ÷ have solidified Ed’s place in music history, making him a global sensation.

Physical Attributes: Height and Body Metrics

Ed Sheeran stands at about 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall. Recognizable by his ginger hair and often casual attire, Ed doesn’t fit the traditional mold of a pop star, which many believe adds to his charm. Instead of flashy looks, he’s known more for his soulful eyes and expressive performances.

Net Worth

Ed Sheeran’s undeniable talent and relentless work ethic have rewarded him handsomely. By 2021, Ed’s net worth was estimated to be around $200 million, with his earnings coming from album sales, concert tours, songwriting credits, and various endorsements.

Additional Insights

Beyond the music, Ed Sheeran is a known art enthusiast, having amassed a commendable art collection over the years. He’s also ventured into the hospitality business, opening a pub in London.

Ed is also recognized for his philanthropic gestures. He’s been involved in numerous charitable endeavors, from performing at charity concerts to donating personal items for fundraising.

A Career Marked by Milestones

1. Early Beginnings: Ed began his musical journey by recording in 2004, but it was the move to London and the subsequent EPs that accelerated his ascent in the music industry.

2. Breakthrough: His debut album, +, gave the world hits like “The A Team” and “Lego House”, setting the stage for a soaring career.

3. International Stardom: With albums like x and ÷, Ed became a global sensation. Songs such as “Shape of You”, “Thinking Out Loud”, and “Castle on the Hill” have earned timeless status.

4. Collaborative Genius: Apart from his solo work, Ed’s collaborations span genres and artists, from Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” to Eminem’s “River”.

5. Concert Tours: Known for his electric live performances, Ed’s tours, like the Divide Tour, broke numerous records, proving his mettle as a live performer.

Expanding Horizons: Ventures Beyond Music

1. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: Ed has ventured into the hospitality industry, opening ‘Bertie Blossoms’, a bar and restaurant in London.

2. Acting Stints: His appearances on TV shows and movies have showcased another side of his talent, a testament to his versatility.

3. Record Label: With ‘Gingerbread Man Records’, Ed has taken on the role of a mentor, nurturing emerging talents, showing his commitment to the industry’s future.

Deep Dive into Personal Life

Cherry Seaborn remains an essential pillar in Ed’s life. From being school friends to life partners, their relationship trajectory has inspired many of Ed’s songs. Their low-key wedding in 2018 and the birth of their daughter in 2020 are cherished chapters in the Sheeran chronicles.

Philanthropic Endeavours

Ed’s heart isn’t just showcased in his songs but also his charitable acts. He’s supported numerous causes, from children’s hospices to disaster relief funds. His regular contributions and efforts for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) stand out as a notable commitment.


While many fans croon to Ed Sheeran’s ballads, understanding the man behind the guitar adds layers to the music.

His marriage to Cherry Seaborn, past relationships, and the journey from a boy in Halifax to a global icon are stories of passion, perseverance, and raw talent.

As this British maestro continues to serenade the world, his personal narrative only enriches the melodies.