Is The Guilty Based On A True Story? And Is Joe Baylor A Real Person?

It’s not hard to believe that the grim thriller The Guilty, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, is based on a true tale.

The Guilty is set against the backdrop of the California wildfires, and it include a subplot about police abuse; however, how much of this is based on reality is unclear.

Since The Guilty is based on Den Skyldige, a Danish film released in 2018, researching the original film is essential to uncovering the truth.

Is The Guilty Based On A True Story? And Is Joe Baylor A Real Person?

Both films follow a call-center worker who becomes engaged in a kidnapping, but the one starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

(a rising star in the genre of crime films) include a subplot involving an incident of police violence that is absent from the Danish original.

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What is Netflix’s The Guilty About?

In The Guilty, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joe, a former police detective who is now working as a 911 operator and who takes a call from a young woman named Emily (Riley Keough), who appears to have been abducted.

During the call, Joe figures out that the kidnapper is driving a white van from which she is calling.

Emily acts as if she is communicating with her daughter and provides vital information that the police can use to locate her.

The film has a suspenseful premise that gradually reveals Emily’s predicament and Joe’s history.

Is The Guilty Based on a True Story?

In a nutshell, sort of. The Guilty is a reimagining of a Danish film from 2018 called Den Skyldige (the literal translation of which is “The Guilty”), which was supposedly inspired by real events.

Gustav Möller, the director of the original film, has stated that a 911 call he heard on YouTube served as inspiration for the film.

It was based on a real 20-minute call in which an abducted woman spoke in code to a 911 operator while sitting next to her abductor.

“It seemed as though the sounds themselves were pictures in my mind. ‘I felt like I’d seen this woman before,’ he told Variety in 2018. “I figured out roughly where they were going and what kind of automobile she was in.”

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The Guilty, a Netflix thriller, has the kind of grim reality that makes you question, Wait…is this narrative possibly real?

If you found yourself thinking such after viewing the film, know that you are not only in good company, but also among many other admirers.

You also found the correct location. What follows is a complete breakdown of the veracity (or otherwise) of The Guilty.