How to Fix “It Looks Like You don’t Have Permission to Save Changes to this File”?

One of the most popular topics in the Windows 10 user forum is how to fix this issue. Seeing this messenger after you may have been working on something amazing is frustrating. So, in this essay, I’ll explain why this mistake arises and how to fix it.

Let’s jump right into figuring out why you could get the “it appears like you don’t have permission to save changes to this file” warning.

Our first step in fixing the problem is to figure out what’s causing it. When attempting to modify an image on a Windows machine, this error message appears.

It Looks Like You don’t Have Permission to Save Changes to this File

The meaning of the message is readily apparent. When attempting to edit an image in Windows 10, it is common to receive the error message;

“You don’t have permission to save in this place,” despite having the necessary rights to do so. This can be really frustrating at times.

Methods to Fix “It Looks Like You don’t Have Permission to Save Changes to this File”?

As indicated above, it turns out that images are frequently banned when transferred from a different drive to your system or OneDrive.

In such a case, you need only click the “Unblock” button in the Properties window to proceed with modifying the image.

With that in mind, there are a few potential causes for the problem, and without further ado.

Let’s get into the many solutions you may use to get rid of the aforementioned notification and proceed with your photo editing without further incident.

Solution 1: Save the Picture to a Different Folder

Saving the image to a different folder than the one containing the original appears to work just well on occasion.

If you get the “try saving a copy instead” prompt, try this easy workaround first. Your problem may be resolved in a matter of seconds.

Solution 2: Reset Windows Photos APP

If you have already tried these solutions without success, it may be time to try fixing the Photos programme in your Windows operating system.

This is a fully automated process that will seek out and resolve any issues it encounters.

You can try resetting the Photos app if it doesn’t work. This essentially necessitates a fresh installation of the software. This is how to do it:

Step 1: Using the Windows key plus the I key will bring up the “Windows setting” menu.

Step 2: Select “Apps” from the menu.

Step 3: In the Apps screen’s search field, type “Microsoft Photos” to locate that programme.

Step 4: Go to the “Advanced options” tab in the Photo app’s settings menu.

Step 5: Repair and reset buttons can be found farther down the page.

Step 6: Check if the problem still exists after trying each one in turn.

Solution 3: Save Picture in a Different Folder

It turns out that saving the image you’re modifying to a new folder is yet another solution to the problem.

In other words, you should not try to store the image in the same folder in which it already exists.

To test this, try moving the image from its current location (say, the Desktop) to a different folder and seeing if it helps.

Other users who were experiencing the same difficulty have indicated that this worked for them by allowing them to save the image in a new folder. So check if it helps you by giving it a shot yourself.


We frequently use our devices to edit photos. Attempting to edit a picture on a Windows machine.

Without success may have resulted in the “It looks like you don’t have permission to save changes to this file” error message.

Because photo editing is so popular and routine, this may be really frustrating. The error message itself reveals that the lack of permissions is the root cause of the problem you are experiencing.