Lakers: LeBron James a Game Time Decision Tonight Against Toronto

After getting blown out by the Suns on Sunday, the Lakers are eager to get back to winning ways. Tonight they host the Raptors, a 37-30 team currently in seventh place in the West.

However, things won’t get any easier for the Lakers tonight. LeBron James, who is questionable due to an injury, may not play in the game.

Frank Vogel told reporters on Monday that James’ status for the game would be decided at the last minute. His knee problem, which has plagued him for much of the season, persists.

Lakers: LeBron James a Game Time Decision Tonight Against Toronto

Is LeBron James Playing Tonight vs. Raptors?

There is some swelling and pain in LeBron James’ left knee, so his status is in question. On Monday, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said that James’ status would be determined at game time.

James played 30 minutes in Sunday’s loss to the Suns, which they lost by 29 points.

James, at age 37, has been phenomenal this season, leading the NBA in scoring, rebounding, and assists while also recording two 50-point games in the last 10 days.

When will LeBron James Return?

To say that LeBron has returned from his injury is an understatement at this point. However, he is still not fully recovered.

The four-time All-Star has stated that rest is the only thing that can help him fully recover, but he won’t get that until the offseason.

How Does LeBron James’ Absence Impact the LA Lakers?

The Lakers’ chances of winning the NBA Finals are slim, but with LeBron James in the fold, they are not to be disregarded.

Still, many fans are holding out hope, and with LeBron and Anthony Davis back at full strength, the team has a fighting chance.

With so many consecutive defeats, it’s hard to discern how much of an influence LeBron has had.

If the 18-time All-Star had not come through for the squad, the season would have been much different.

If his team were ranked higher in the Western Conference standings, LeBron would surely be in the MVP conversation. He is now the third-best scorer in the NBA (29.5).


One astonishing aspect of James’ recent run is that he has been able to perform so much despite suffering from knee pain. But that could come back to haunt them in the Raptors series.

James’ injury management thus far has consisted of him waking up the day after a game with a hurting knee.

But being able to play the next day after receiving treatment and resting up due to the Lakers’ lack of back-to-back games.