Manti Te’o Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Life, And More

NFL athlete Manti Te’o of the United States has a net worth of $3.5 million. During his career in the NFL, Manti played for several different teams, including the San Diego Chargers, the New Orleans Saints, and the Chicago Bears.

Te’o’s background is in NCAA football, where he starred at Notre Dame. His Bears contract expired in 2021, therefore terminating his linebacker career. For reasons we explain later in the article, Manti may have missed out on a first-round draught choice because of his famed cat fishing incident.

He was selected in the second round of the draught. He lost a lot of money due to this slip. Later in the article, we’ll go into more depth on this topic. During his time in the NFL, Manti made a total of $10.4 million.

Manti Te'o Net Worth

In August of 2022, Netflix released a documentary about Manti in which he explained his side of the story behind the viral video of him catching a cat. Manti’s appearance, attitude, and willingness to forgive the prankster who set him up were universally lauded.

His Childhood Life:

On January 26, 1991, in Laie, Hawaii, Manti Malietau Louis Te’o entered the world. He attended a private high school in Hawaii when he was younger, where he played football and was recognised for his efforts.

Two of those honours came in 2007 when he was named the state’s defensive player and the state’s player of the year by Gatorade. Manti had a breakout junior season as a running back, finishing with 90 tackles, 5 sacks, 400 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

Because of this, schools and recruiters from all across the country began making contact with him immediately. Before his senior year began, Te’o had already received numerous college scholarship offers.

He helped his high school win its first state title and set school records with 129 tackles, 11 sacks, and four touchdowns that season. His return of a blocked punt for a touchdown was a highlight. Manti’s accomplishments earned him multiple awards, including Gatorade State Player of the Year for the second time.

After finishing high school, he enrolled in Notre Dame in 2009. The following year, as a freshman, he started every game and finished with 63 tackles. This was such a fantastic debut that he was named to the All-Freshman Team.

He moved inside to play linebacker during his sophomore year. He has 133 tackles that year. It was also a career high for him that would never be surpassed. The following year, he improved to 128 tackles and even more recognition. As a senior, he led Notre Dame to the nation’s number two scoring defence, thanks in large part to his 103 total tackles.

His Professional Career Experiences:

By the time it came for Te’o to declare for the NFL Draught, many scouts were underwhelmed by his performance, particularly in the 40-yard dash. The San Diego Chargers selected him in the 38th round and offered him a $5 million contract over four years.

Together, the signing bonus and guaranteed sum totaled little over $3 million. Manti was forced to miss a large chunk of the preseason schedule after suffering a foot injury in the opening game.

At the end of the season, he made 61 tackles and made his debut against the Houston Texans. His career was already set back when he injured his foot in 2014. By the middle of the season, he had recovered and was making his mark with a string of interceptions and sacks.

For the next few seasons, he averaged roughly 60 tackles, and in 2016, he was appointed a captain for the Chargers. A tear in his Achilles tendon was the second ailment he endured that year. Manti was injured and dealt to the Saints after being placed on IR.

With his current team, with whom he signed a two-year contract, he set a franchise record for tackles for loss in 2017. Unfortunately, his contract was not renewed when it expired. Despite the fact that he did not play much for New Orleans in 2018, the team re-signed him on a short contract for 2019.

He signed with the Chicago Bears’ practise squad in 2020. He was added to the team’s active roster the following year (2021) and saw action in a game against the New Orleans Saints. After the completion of that game, though, he was once again assigned to the practise squad. His NFL career came to an end after his practise squad deal with the Bears expired in January of 2021.

Lifetime Income:

Manti Te’o made a total of $10.4 million in compensation (before taxes and other fees) over his six-year NFL career (from 2013 to 2020). In 2018, his year with the New Orleans Saints, he made $1.7 million.

Manti was expected to be picked in the early half of the first round in the 2013 NFL draught as a Heisman candidate and recent National Championship participant. His personal controversy may have been the reason he was eliminated in the first round, according to some.

Manti was taken with the sixth choice in the second round (38th overall). Manti signed a four-year, $5.172 million contract with the Chargers after being picked, with a signing bonus of $2.14 million.

Manti might have lost millions of dollars if he had to withdraw from the first round because of the controversy around him. By way of contrast, Kenny Vaccaro was selected fifteenth overall in the first round. The Saints signed Kenny to a four-year, $9.4 million deal that included a $5.2 million signing bonus.

Manti signed a two-year, $5 million deal with the Saints in 2017, and then a one-year, $805,000 contract the following year. Manti earned $132,000 from the Chicago Bears during his final NFL season on the team’s practise squad.

Relationships and Marriage:

Manti proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jovi Nicole Engbino in 2020. Later that year, they tied the knot.