Mental Age Test

Ques. 1) What does your birthday mean to you?

  1. A very important day! It should be declared a national holiday.
  2. Just another day in my life, marking yet another revolution of the Earth since the day I was born.
  3. A day for mild celebration but that’s it.

Ques. 2) Whom are you most influenced by?

  1. Anyone with a strong influence over society.
  2. Anyone whose ideas are compelling and intriguing enough.
  3. I may appreciate others but I do not get influenced by them. My ideals are immovable.

Ques. 3) One of your closest friends is currently going through a tough time mentally and as a result, they haven’t been keeping in touch with you. What steps would you consider taking?

  1. I will keep my distance or be by their side, whatever they are comfortable with.
  2. They’re not worth my time so I’d rather look for a new friend than stick around.
  3. They’re just making an excuse. Mental health has got nothing to do with this.

Ques. 4) How many trustworthy friends have you got?

  1. Not more than 3-4, all of whom are my old pals.
  2. I am an open book to everyone I meet and most of them have been nice to me, so I cannot place a count.
  3. None, as I trust no one.

Ques. 5) What does ‘time’ mean to you?

  1. The digits clock needles point at.
  2. An arbitrary concept.
  3. A passage created by the collective passing of months and years.

Ques. 6) If you could go back in time, which decade would you like to experience living/reliving in?

  1. The 90s.
  2. The 2000s or the 2010s.
  3. The 80s.
  4. The 70s.

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Ques. 7) What is your most prized possession?

  1. Any object which holds emotional significance pertaining to a specific place or person(s).
  2. Something you spent the most money on or a rare piece in your collection.
  3. You don’t have anything tangible of that sort.
  4. Any object/piece of clothing/appliance you utilize the most and consider it to be your best purchase.
  5. Family heirloom.

Ques. 8) Is there a difference between ‘being educated’ and ‘being literate?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Ques. 9) How much trust do you place in the official sources and the media?

  1. They’ve all been corrupted!
  2. I have to trust some of them. There is still hope.
  3. They’re hard to believe in but they have no reason to lie to us.

Ques. 10) What do you think about the modern dating scenario?

  1. Dating shouldn’t even be a thing.
  2. It is a pretty fast track and shallow.
  3. It suits my lifestyle so I’m okay with it.
  4. It used to be better in the good old days.

Ques. 11) How big of a concern are retirement plans for you?

  1. I’ve still got a lot of time to think about them, so not a problem for now.
  2. Huge concern.
  3. They are really important, but I’ll manage.

Ques. 12) You have accidentally come upon some top-secret information and it would be better if it stayed like that. How would you deal with this situation?

  1. I’ll keep it to myself, forever.
  2. I will have to tell it to the first person I see because the information to heavy to keep to myself.
  3. I will talk about it only to my best friend(s) only.

Ques. 13) Are you interest in knowing about outer space and the universe?

  1. Of course!
  2. No, I’m not interested.

Ques. 14) What is the primary goal of your life?

  1. To earn tons of money.
  2. To enhance the quality of your life.

Ques. 15) A brand new cell phone model has just been launched by a very popular cell phone company, but the features it carries do not justify the hefty price it is marked as. Still, the company’s popularity is enough to lure people into buying it. Would you join the line to get the cell phone too?

  1. Definitely!
  2. I would at least consider buying it.
  3. I’d rather invest my money in something better.

Ques. 16) If given a chance, would you want to rewrite any part of human history?

  1. No
  2. Yes

Ques. 17) Do you think that all crimes committed in the world are born out of pure malevolence?

  1. Yes because the world is divided into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Hence, all criminals are bad people.
  2. No, nothing is all ‘black’ or all ‘white’

Ques. 18) How old are most of your friends?

  1. We’re almost the same age.
  2. They’re older than me.
  3. They’re younger than me.

Ques. 19) Which one would you pick: career or love?

  1. Career
  2. Love
  3. Neither
  4. Both, should go hand in hand.

Ques. 20) How likely are you to be asked for assistance or advice in case of emergencies?

  1. I’m the go-to person for many, so quite frequently.
  2. Only if it is something that concerns me.

Ques. 21) If you could choose just one of the following to eat for eternity, which one would it be?

  1. Any food from my favorite fast-food chain
  2. My favorite home-cooked meal
  3. My favorite fruit/vegetable/meat.

Ques. 22) How do you generally unwind when under stress?

  1. You do household chores.
  2. You scroll through social media apps
  3. You watch a movie/listen to music or read.
  4. Nothing that a good nap can’t fix.

Ques. 23) What would describe you the best in respect to spoken as well as written communication?

  1. Diplomatic
  2. Frank
  3. Loose-mouthed
  4. Unconfident

Ques. 24) What, according to you, was the discovery/invention that had the biggest impact on mankind?

  1. Fire
  2. Wheel
  3. Electricity

Ques. 25) What significance does traveling hold in your life?

  1. Going from one place to another.
  2. A great way to spend time with loved ones.
  3. Learning about different cultures.
  4. A way to learn more about oneself.

Ques. 26) You are served a food item whose taste you utterly dislike but contains nutrients that would prove highly beneficial. Would you eat it?

  1. Yes, health comes first.
  2. No, never.
  3. In small portions, each serving spaced out by an interval of few minutes.

Ques. 27) In the past history had always been modified by the people in power for it to suit their agendas. Do you think this practice, employed to manipulate the masses, is still in use?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I cannot say for sure.

Ques. 28) Your go-to weekend getaway?

  1. Clubs/pubs/bars
  2. Family picnic/hiking trip or brunches with close friends
  3. I stay at home by myself.
  4. I work on weekends as well.

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Ques. 29) Do you feel that your life has any purpose?

  1. Yes, a clear one.
  2. No, I don’t think so.
  3. I feel that it does but I haven’t discovered it yet.
  4. We are just organic material. Our life doesn’t serve a purpose.

Ques. 30) What is your current priority in life?

  1. Education/Career
  2. Family
  3. I cannot say I have any.
  4. Money