Who was Mike Zimmer Girlfriend

Former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Mike Zimmer. From 2014 till 2021, he led the football squad as head coach. He was a defensive assistant for the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals from 1994 to 2013, before joining the Minnesota Vikings.

Mike Zimmer is currently single and not actively seeking a partner. He is currently dating supermodel Katarina Miketin, with whom he was formerly associated with the Minnesota Vikings. Who, then, is this Katarina Miketin? Find out about Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend Katarina Miketin’s professional and personal history below.

Mike Zimmer Girlfriend

Regarding the Lady in Mike Zimmer’s life Miketin, Katarina

Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend Katarina Miketin is the Vikings’ head coach. There have been persistent rumours that Mike and Katarina are romantically involved for quite some time. Subtly, they made their relationship official a year ago.

The photos of Mike and Katarina first appeared online in November of 2022. And now the public is eager to learn more about the nature of their relationship. Katarina was asked by Egotastic Sports if she was dating Zimmer when they contacted her on Instagram. She said “yes” in response.

Katarina also posted a photo of herself in a Vikings jersey in 2018. By trade, she is a top-tier fashion model. There are already more than 400k people following her on Instagram. She has made a total of 967 posts to her Instagram account.

We noticed a few pictures of the supermodel from her travels around the world, several pictures of her with her close friends and family, and a few pictures of her from her professional photoshoots as we perused her Instagram page.

Businesswoman Katarina Miketin

Miketin has worked as a top executive at a number of prominent financial organisations in addition to his modelling career. In addition to being a mother, businesswoman, and social media influencer, she is also a bikini model.

Katarina is currently 40 years old. She has been profiled in Maxim twice, and both SI and SI Swimsuit have highlighted her. In an interview, she said that she and her family originally came from what is now Serbia (then Yugoslavia).

Miketin, according to several news sources, holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology. When she was younger, she presided over the National Honour Society in Psychology. In addition, in 2015, she earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

For example, Katarina told the media, “I was in banking for quite some time, but found that it was not a good fit for me and my happiness, so I decided to quit and buy a bike shop — my newest and most exciting endeavour!”

Being a mom, business owner, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer is no easy feat, but I’ve found that by eliminating distractions I can get a lot done.