My Mom, Your Dad’s Karen Larrea Reveals Why She Left Show, Shares Relationship Update With Troy

When Karen Larrea abruptly quit the HBO Max programme after clicking with Troy Petrick, fans of My Mom, Your Dad were stunned.

Larrea tells PEOPLE that while she was horrified and as shocked as everyone else, it was simply for the sake of others’ health and safety.

She makes the first-ever public admission, “I was exposed to someone who had COVID on the scene.

My Mom, Your Dad's Karen Larrea Reveals Why She Left Show, Shares Relationship Update With Troy

“So I was yanked out. But I was suddenly yanked away. I was furious. I was not forewarned. I was unable to enter again.”

Larrea explains, “I said, ‘I need to watch Troy,’ and they were like, ‘No. “We had been together for hours before that.

I was furiously angry. It was a genuine relationship, so I just didn’t want to leave like that. I was devastated that they were torturing me at the moment.”

Petrick’s response was hardly any different. After pleading with the production team for information, he was left with no choice but to accept the tragic news that his role in the show was coming to an end.

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Forced Coronavirus Exposure Karen Larrea Leaves HBO Production

The producer called Karen away for a secret discussion with Karl in the sixth episode, “My Rock Says Caution.” He gave Karen some admittedly “crappy” news, and she immediately started packing.

She left Troy a letter before her painful departure in which she attributed her departure on unidentified “persona l problems.”

Breana then departed the show, and it didn’t take long for Troy and his son, Noah Petrick, to do the same.

In their quest for information, viewers combed through the end credits to learn that Karl Risinger served as the program’s health and safety supervisor.

A clue? Definitely. Blogs were buzzing with information about a mysterious “family emergency” during this time. Up until now, Karen has never gone into detail about her problems.

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When Karen had to depart suddenly for personal reasons on the HBO reality dating series My Mom, Your Dad, it was the most startling moment.

She and Troy had at that point developed the closest bond, thus her departure undoubtedly derailed a season that seemed to be moving toward real love.

Breanna, a daughter of Karen, and Noah, a son of Troy, had not done a fantastic job of preparing their parents.

While the Kids’ Bunker decided to set up dates for Karen with Scott and Phillip Sr., Noah wanted Troy to keep his options open and go on more dates.