Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Fake

While the internet can be unpredictable, human beings are even more so, especially in their propensity to disseminate misinformation. There are also people who will blindly accept all of that as true.

While the existence of a woman who claims to be 399 years old has been called into question, a video has recently gone viral on social media. As this video clip spread around the internet, it shocked a lot of people.

There is no such thing as a 399-year-old woman, contrary to popular belief.

Earlier today, a video of an elderly Buddhist monk went viral on TikTok with many claiming he was 163 years old. But the false rumours were quickly put to rest.

Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old Fake

And now a video of an elderly, malnourished man or woman lying in bed has gone viral on TikTok. And many started saying the person in the video is a woman approximately 400 years old.

As it turns out, the monk who gained notoriety for purportedly being 163 years old is the same individual in the video.

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A 109-year-old monk pretending to be 399-years-old.

The monk who was said to be 163 really turned out to be 109.

Thai Buddhist monk Luang Pho Ya has become the latest Internet sensation after claims were made that he is the oldest living human being. His grandchild uploaded footage of him to TikTok, which attracted a lot of attention and sparked wild rumours.

The video of the monk on the hospital bed received over 8,000 comments and 88 million views.

Now, another video of him sleeping on a bed while wearing a mustard yellow sweater and matching woollen cap has gone viral. Some mistook him for a lady, 399 years old, and disseminated reports to that effect, while others did it on purpose.

This is the story of Luang Pho Ya, the Buddhist monk

After his granddaughter uploaded several clips to TikTok, the 109-year-old monk became the internet’s focus.

Extreme measures were taken, with some claiming that Luan Pho Ya, despite being alive, was a living mummy whose body was undergoing mummification.

After his true age was disclosed, however, those speculations finally died down.

The oldest living human being

Neither the mythical 399-year-old woman nor the supposedly 163-year-old male are involved.

Guinness World Records claims that at 119 years of age, Kane Tanaka is the oldest person in the world.

This woman has been alive through two world wars and two global pandemics, including the Spanish Flu of 1918, since her birth in January 1903.

Kane has a large, loving family including five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren despite the death of her husband when she was 90.

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Kane turned 119 on January 1, and in honour of her milestone birthday, her great-granddaughter posted a few photos of her on Twitter along with the wish that she would “enjoy life joyously and to the fullest.”

The woman who holds the record for being the oldest living human being does so at a nursing home.