Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Energy in 2024

Want to work in the energy sector but do not know which career you should choose? Well, worry not because we have got your back. We are here today with the top 15 best-paying jobs in the energy sector in 2024.

You have made the right choice by clicking on this article today. We are not going to waste our time beating around the bush though because we know time is precious.

The Best Paying Jobs in Energy

It is going to be a pretty long list so you have to sit through some time while reading this article. So without any further ado let’s start this article. Here is the list present below which is completely reliable.

1. Petroleum Engineer

The petroleum engineer is placed at the top of the list for a reason. This is the highest paying job that you can find in the energy sector in the year 2024. No, we are not joking. As the title says they help in harnessing petroleum resources.

They deal with petroleum only and have a very important role to play in the energy sector. Typically all you will need to get started on this career is a bachelor’s degree. However, if you want a bigger salary then we recommend getting a master’s degree too.

Median Salary– 137,720 dollars.

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2. Wind Farm Site Manager

This is the second highest paying job that you will find in the list. What does a wind farm site manager do you ask? Well, they are the ones who look after wind energy harvesting in a wind farm. It is exactly as it sounds.

They need to have in-depth knowledge about wind energy and also have a lot of management skills and leadership skills. They have to look after the energy generation in the farm and also take care of the staff and equipment.

Median Salary– 110,630 dollars.

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3. Chemical Engineer

They are an important and vital part of the chemical manufacturing process. Since battery technology is predominantly increasing the need for chemical engineers in the energy sector is also increasing at a high rate. Therefore they are high in demand and this makes the job well paid.

The chemical engineers will be responsible for making efficient power storage batteries and pave way for the future too.

Median Salary– 97,360 dollars.

4. Geo Scientist

They are mainly tasked with studying the geographic aspect of the earth. They are also employed by energy companies at times to provide advice and consultation regarding extraction of energy or petroleum from the earth.

A bachelor’s degree is necessary for this job but a master’s degree can help you get a higher salary. And let’s be honest, everyone wants a higher salary.

Median Salary– 92,000 dollars.

5. Civil Engineer

You must know what a civil engineer is more or less because that is a job we hear about now and then. They help in the design of the infrastructure. They can help build anything so they also are responsible for actually building the energy projects. Solar farms, hydroelectric dams, energy grids, and much more are built by civil engineer.

They are specifically hired for this job. One must have a Bachelors’s degree for this job. You can also have an additional masters degree that will ensure much higher salary for you.

Median Salary– 87,000 dollars.

6. Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Companies

Well if you want to make money real time and in bulk then you should definitely go for the energy sector. Financial Analyst for Renewable energy Companies is one of the best paying jobs in the energy sector in 2024. The future of these Companies are planned by the financial analyst.

They can help the company by determining which market they should invest in and where they should steer clear of. They can also be really useful in making them more informed when it comes to expanding their technologies and ensuring that they are doing it in a very profitable manner.

Median Salary– 85,400 dollars.

7. Solar Project Developer

A solar project developer has a pretty interesting job. They have the task of planning building and maintaining the solar farms up to some extent. They also might have to determine the best sites for solar power plants. They have quite a job and they get highly paid for it too.

Both skills in project management and solar energy is required for this kind of job. So if you are planning for this job then you need to get your bachelor’s degree too.

Median Salary– 83,980 dollars.

8. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineer have a vital part of the energy sector. This is why they are paid a lot and you will find it to be one of the highest paying jobs out there. The job for Industrial engineers is to help energy companies streamline their production lines to help them with more generated energy, done in a more efficient way. A bachelor’s degree is required for entry into this job.

Median Salary– 83,470 dollars.

9. Solar Power Plant Operator

They work on a day-to-day basis on the solar farm. It is impossible to run a solar farm without solar power plant operators. They are the ones that keep the solar power plant running. They have the knowledge and the skills to maintain and run the solar power plant. This can be termed as a human resource management job too since it requires a lot of leadership skills too.

Median Salary– 79,300 dollars.

10. Materials Engineer

Next on the list comes the job of the materials engineer. Materials Engineers are specialized in the creation of new plastics, metals, ceramics, and any other materials. They also have a very high demand rate which eventually made this a high-paying job.

They can also develop new types of materials that can be used for the generation of energy. The material that they create will help solve various problems that are faced by the energy sector.

Median Salary– 76,980 dollars.

11. Solar Construction Manager

They are the ones who oversee the construction of solar panels and such. They are also a part of the installation of the solar array. The way one works depends on the kind of work that they are doing. They have to deal with the complex making process for solar farms. You must at least have a bachelor’s degree in order to land a job as a solar construction manager.

Median Salary– 70,100 dollars.

12. Site Assessor

The job of a site assessor is really important in the energy sector. This is the reason why it is also one of the most highly paid jobs in the energy sector. They have the job to go on-site visits and then find out the potential areas that can be used for energy generation.

They are highly skilled and they help energy companies make the decision whether to invest in a particular site or not. This unique set of skills that they acquire makes them high in demand. You require a bachelor’s degree for this job.

Median Salary – 69,778 dollars.

13. Renewable Energy Consultant

The name says it all. They work with you to figure out which renewable energy is the best for you. It doesn’t matter if the client is a family looking for solar panels or a company looking for renewable sources of energy. This career required a bachelor’s degree. They work closely with the client and their needs in the energy sector. This is one of the highest-paid jobs there.

Median Salary– 66,000 dollars.

14. Solar Energy Technician

These technicians look after the maintenance of solar panels. After the installing of the solar energy system, they have the job to make sure that the solar energy system is maintained and perfectly working. This is a work on-site job and it has a good pay scale. Since solar energy is becoming more and more popular, the need for solar energy technicians will also increase.

Median Salary– 52,560 dollars.

15. Environmental Engineering Technician

Last but not least of these jobs are the Environmental Engineering Technician. They are very important since they are responsible for coming up with ways that can reduce pollution in the environment. They work to make sure that energy companies are not putting undue strain on the environment. They are one of the best and highest-paid jobs in the energy sector.

Median Salary– 50,630 dollars.

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