Top 15 Political Science Degree Jobs in 2023

Political science is a great subject. It deals with the practical and theoretical working of the government. They have a lot of good opportunities too. So if you want to get a good job then you can pursue a political science degree. We are here to tell you about some of the best political science career choices that you can pursue with a political science degree.

So buckle up your seat belts because this is going to be a long ride. You might need to take some time off to complete reading this article.

Top 15 Political Science Degree Jobs in 2021

Here are the top 15 political science degree jobs in 2021 that you can go for. We have done a lot of research and then we have come up with the list. Make sure that you go through all of them so that you know which job you want to do or which career suits you. Now let us begin with the first one.

1. Attorney

The first and foremost thing that everyone thinks of while getting a political science degree is that they can join the legal workforce. This is a great job for any political science major since they know the ropes of the system. You have got to have a keen interest in politics if you want to be an attorney. The fact that a lot of people are needed for this job makes it high paying.

Average salary– 107,549 dollars per year.

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2. Campaign Manager

The job of a campaign manager is to deal with political campaigns. They are for people who are fast-paced and good at management. It is definitely one of the most interesting jobs out there. You will need a lot of skills for the job. People skill, management skill, communication skills are some of them. This job keeps you on your toes which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Average salary– 53,434 dollars per year.

3. Community Service Manager

If you want to bring change on a local level then you can definitely become a community service manager. The work involves overseeing and coordinating the work of community organizations and social-service providers. You will be working every day to identify concerns in the community and then come up with plans to combat them.

Average salary– 50,105 dollars per year.

4. Legislative Assistance

You will provide legislative assistance to the legislators in this job. This is also a very popular job among political science major students. You do not need a master’s degree for this job since your bachelor’s degree is going to be enough. You have to deal with politics a lot so you will actually benefit majorly from it. Although it is not the highest-paid job, it is quite well paid.

Average salary– 39,605 dollars per year.

5. Market Research Analyst

You can become a market research analyst with a political science degree and no we are not joking even though it may not seem likely to be the natural progression.  Quantitative and Qualitative research are the two fields of this job that you can go into. This depends totally on you.

Critical thinking and communication skills are a requirement for the job. You can also freelance with the job. There are many opportunities in this job field.

Average salary– 79,529 dollars per year.

6. Policy Analyst

A policy analyst is a very good job too. You will learn all about how policies are made and implemented in the community in your political science major. This makes the job quite easy to do. You will be responsible for making new policies, revising the older ones by making changes to it and so on and so forth.

Your communication and debate skills are extremely important in this job. You will have to develop those skills to a great extent.

Average salary– 58,920 dollars per year.

7. Political Journalist

Yes, there is a job known as a political journalist. Since you have spent all the time in your political science degree looking at the policies and all the other stuff related to politics, you will be familiar with what is actually going on with the government and be able to understand stuff that an average person can not understand.

You can become a journalist and then report the ongoings in a clear manner to the masses from an unbiased point of view. You will need to have good research skills to become a political journalist.

Average salary– 44,470 dollars per year.

8. Public Affairs Consultant

This is a job also known as a lobbyist. They have been hired by organizations and since they have good knowledge about the policies of the government, they can advise the companies or organisations about the government Policy that can impact them. They also give an appropriate course of action in such a situation.

You will need strong research skills and communication skills for this job. You will also need to have good networking abilities. The career is an exciting one for sure.

Average salary– 59,720 dollars per year.

9. Public Relations Manager

Every company has a public relations manager more or less. The main job of the public relations manager is to promote the reputation of the company or organization or of a particular individual that they represent.

They also have to garner public support on their behalf. You might already know about the job because it is that common. The political science degree will help you land this job.

Average salary– 50,100 dollars per year.

10. Social Media Manager

Social Media is now an important part of politics. Almost all political leaders are active online nowadays. However, they do not always have the time to manage their own social media account so someone might need to monitor the account for them. The social media account is created to influence public opinion in favor of the politician.

Political science students are taught how to do so. The subtle art of influencing public opinion is known to them. So it’s a perfectly suited job.

Average salary– 50,473 dollars per year.

11. Arbitrator

An arbitrator is someone who can settle disputes between organizations or companies by negotiation outside of the court. They are kind of mediators that do the negotiation on behalf of their client. They bring both parties to a peaceful negotiation in a way that they both are satisfied.

A political science degree can help you know the ropes of doing so. They mostly require a bachelor’s degree but if you can get a master’s degree then all the better for you.

Average salary– 59,770 dollars per year.

12. Political Scientist

This job pays quite well since not a lot of people might go after this job. Many people do not even know that this is an option for them. We had to include this in our list. It is a federal government job so you know it will be well paid.

The main duties of a political scientist is to research political subjects, collect data and info, and also evaluate them to make theories. If you like studying political science then you will definitely love this job.

Average salary– 160,000 dollars per year.

13. ParaLegal

They are actually assistants that help in the legal process. They help to assist with files and stuff. They are also responsible for researching or gathering facts and assist the lawyer in any way possible.

They are also responsible for writing correspondence. A bachelor’s degree in political science is enough to become a paralegal. They are also high in demand with the growing legal industry.

Average salary– 48,000 dollars per year.

14. Operation Research Analyst

The main job of an operation research analyst is to do research. They are one of the highest paying jobs that require a political science degree. Now you can get in by getting just a bachelor’s degree but you can go for a master’s degree in political science too. It is also said that you will require good knowledge and experience in mathematics too.

Average salary– 79,000 dollars per year.

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15. Survey Researcher

Last but not least is the survey researcher job. This is mainly a job where you have to collect factual info like income level or employment rate or such of the same to keep a track of things. You can make quite a lot of money in this job. It will be a great job if you are an outdoors person.

Average salary– 54,000 dollars per year.


We hope that this article here has been useful to you. There are many jobs that you can pursue after completing your political science degree.

We have just listed 15 of them. If you have found your ideal job among these 15 listed jobs then that’s great and we would like to congratulate you but if you do not like any of these career choices then you can easily go for other jobs too.