PTCB Practice Test, Exam, Certification, Login and Study Guide

PTCB or the short abbreviation of the Pharmacy technician Certificate Board is responsible for the certification of people in the field of technical pharmacy. The Free PTCB Practice Test provided by us is the ideal way to prepare for your upcoming Pharmacy professional examinations.

PTCB Practice Test, Exam, Certification, Login and Study Guide

All the questions in the PTCB Test correspond and try to stimulate the exact type of question for a better understanding of the exam.

There is no hassle of registration for giving the PTCBexam. After finishing the PTCB Exam, your result will be instantaneously shown to you, along with the complete solution of the answer with the best possible explanations.

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PTCB Practice Benefits

There are a ton of benefits of preparing for the Pharmacy Technician test by following and attempting our tests provided for it. Studying for any test with some pre-stimulated model papers is of great help to any aspirant. The study becomes more precise and useful. The advantages of attempting the sample papers are as follows.

Benefit 1 – Planning Your Learning Resources Wisely: Just a quick look at the sample Pharmacy Technician test will give you a definitive answer – whether you are prepared for passing the exam or not. Chances are you’ll just think “well, it’s too hard, I should get someone smarter to take my online class” – and believe me, sometimes it is the best decision.

Benefit 2 – Having a Clear Idea of the Test Format: Every standardized test has its format and getting familiarized with that is of great help both physically and psychologically. The Pharmacy technician Sample test will guide you through the standard question paper format of the origin PTCB Test. It won’t make you feel that you have opened a Pandora’s Box while taking the first glance at the question paper.

Benefit 3 – Concentrate on Your Studies: Practice makes a man perfect. As you take more and more tests, it gives you a grip on the questions and topics. You can identify your weak areas and strongholds. Planning on how to approach the paper in the given time is a great tactic to keep in mind. Attempting the tests will make the whole study more concise and practical to follow. It results in getting more marks with the least amount of effort given.

Benefit 4 – Know your Tricks: Different examination has its secret method and patterns to follow. It helps you to answer the maximum question with a minimum penalty. By giving the test exams regularly, you can acknowledge those things very quickly.

PTCB Exam Overview

The syllabus of the PTCB exam is mainly derived from the following topics:

1 – Pharmacy for Technicians: 11 Questions.

2 – Pharmacy Law and regulations: 10 Questions.

3 – Sterile and Non-sterile compounding: 7 Questions.

4 – Medium Safety: 10 Questions.

5 – Pharmacy Quality Assurance: 6 Questions.

6 – Medication order entry and fill process: 14 Questions.

7 – Pharmacy Inventory Management: 7 Questions.

8 – Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement: 7 Questions.

9 – Pharmacy Information System usage and information: 8 Questions.

Registering For Exam

Pearson VUE is responsible for administrating the Pharmacy technician exam. To have an exam appointment and to see the proper schedule, candidates can go to

There are more than 250 test centers managed by Pearson VUE, where candidates can go to give their exams. Additional test centers are arranged at different military sites for military personal.

The current fee for the PTCB exam is $129. The candidates are eligible to change their exam dates one day before the exam. Exam fees will be forfeited if the candidate does not show up for the exam

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PTCB Certification Eligibility Requirements

A candidate must meet all the following requirements before being eligible for certification. The conditions are:

1 – The candidate must possess a valid high school diploma such as GED, HiSET, or TASC.

2 – The candidate must agree to all the terms, conditions, and policies of the PTCB Exam.

3 – The candidate must successfully pass the PTCB exam.

A candidate may face disqualification for any of the following conditions:

1 – The violation of any PTCB policy, such as the code of conduct.

2 – The candidate must not possess any criminal record.

3 – Any state board of pharmacy licensure or registration action involving the candidate.

PTCB Exam Scoring

PTCB exam allows scoring to keep the similar scoring year to year. The net amount of marks scored by the candidate in the exam is converted into a scaled score to match the pattern followed every year. The scaled scores on the PTCN exam range from 1000 to 1600.

The scaled passing score for the exam is around 1400. The passing score is determined by the panel of experts who examine the harness of the questions in the exams and the number of pharmacy technician candidates qualifying for the exam.

The results of the exam will be declared after three weeks of giving the PTCB Practice Test. There is also an option in which the result can be directly mailed to their E-mail id.

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Candidates who fail to pass the exam for the first time are allowed to give the exam for the next two times, for their second and third attemptss after 60 consecutive days.

If a candidate fails to pass the exam in their third attempt, they are allowed to re-take the exam only after a span of 6 months. After the failure of the fourth attempt, the candidate must provide evidence of having acceptable preparation activities in order to retake the exam.