Putin Calls on Countries to Normalize Relations with Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged his country’s neighbours to work together and improve their ties to one another.

Putin made the comments at the launching ceremony for the first Russian ferryboat line connecting the exclave of Kaliningrad with the rest of the country.

He claimed that Moscow has no ill will toward its neighbours and that its activities are only “in response” to foreign “unfriendly” behaviour.

Putin Calls on Countries to Normalize Relations with Russia

We’ve always emphasised, and I want to emphasise, that we have no ill will against our neighbours. I’d also suggest that the neighbours stay out of it. Don’t put any limits on it.

We’ve met and will continue to meet all of our commitments. There is no reason to make matters worse or to strain our relationship any further.

Everything we do, if we do anything, is in response to somebody doing something hostile to the Russian Federation,” he stated.

Putin Said That Countries Are Harming Themselves by Refusing Cooperation With Russia

Putin said that the countries that refuse to work with Russia and impose sanctions are hurting themselves.

If someone is unable to work with us under the premise of single cooperation, even if it means risking injury to themselves, they will inevitably cause harm to us as well.

We’ll merely need to shift certain tasks to the right in order to make room for new skills. No matter how difficult things get, we will find solutions.

Putin was quoted as saying by CNN, “In the end, we will even benefit from this because we will learn other competencies.”

While this is happening, NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg has stated that the coming days will “likely be worse” due to Russia’s projected deployment of heavier equipment and more attacks across Ukraine.

Schools, hospitals, and homes have all been shelled in besieged cities. Many innocent people were murdered or injured due to reckless behaviour around a nuclear power station last night.

The days to come are likely to be worse, with more dead, more anguish, and more damage,” The Guardian quoted him as stating after an unusual meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

By saying, “we have a responsibility to guarantee it does not escalate and expand beyond Ukraine.”

Stoltenberg made it clear that NATO is not looking for war with Russia. More people would be hurt, and it would be a more dangerous situation.


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin pleaded with its neighbours on Friday to keep the peace as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine entered its ninth day.

He assured viewers that Russia has no ill will toward its neighbours and that it will keep its word on all of its commitments in a televised address.