15 Best Sites Like Putlocker to Stream Free Movies Online

You may watch movies and TV shows online on Putlocker, which is one of the most popular and well-known services. Users can stream stuff for free.

It began its life as a UK-based website and attracted a lot of attention. Due to the MPAA’s fear of digital piracy, the Putlockers servers went offline because to the privacy concerns.

High Court judges in the United Kingdom ruled in 2016 that Putlocker was unconstitutional. Moviegoers were unable to get the best free online material because of a lack of options. For the related website’s alternatives, this opens up a new avenue for them to take advantage of


Top 15 Alternatives to Putlocker 

There aren’t many sites like Putlockers out there, but we’ve found 15 great ones where you can watch high-quality online movies and TV shows for free. Please use this as a resource to make the most of your spare time.

1. 123Movies 

One of the most dependable places to watch movies online is 123Movies. Keeping the safety of the users in mind, it ensures and safeguards their security and prioritises this. Known around the world for its high-quality content and attention to user safety and comfort, this website has become a household name.

It contains a humungous library of content, including movies and TV shows which will never disappoint content fans. In addition, 123Movies provides viewers with recommendations and ideas depending on what they’ve already watched, the most recent releases, the year of release, and more.

There’s no better way to watch movies than with 123 Movies’ user-friendly design and spectacular streaming service. Users are drawn to this website by this feature when looking for online streaming options.

2. ShareMe

MegaShare is renowned for its simple streaming interface. Its users can choose from a wide range of available content. Customers who want to stream content are put off by the lack of registration or signup requirements on this website.

According to the user’s internet speed, this website allows users to watch content in a variety of video qualities. This website’s unique selling point is the inclusion of subtitles under each video.

This allows people to learn languages they’ve never heard of before, which is a fascinating and unique experience. As a result, it appeals to a wide range of potential viewers.

3. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a venerable service that has been around for quite some time. It features a huge collection of everything from old classics to the most recent releases. Users are not required to register or create an account in order to see or access online material.

All major operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android and Apple iOS, are supported by this web page. Regardless of the device that a user is using, this website serves as a portable and independent platform for them to read content.

4. Popcorn Time

Similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime video, PopcornTime is a popular video-streaming service. Movies and TV programmes of all kinds are available to its members. Users have the option of not only viewing, but also downloading the content to watch at a later time.

In addition to standard definition (SD) video, HD video is available for viewing by subscribers. Using this website’s sorting features is a snap as well.

The most recent releases, most seen movies, and forthcoming films have all been added. Streaming content without a subscription is also possible.

5. The Rainy Land

Putlocker options like Rainierland can be found here. Users can choose from a wide range of stuff to stream. One of the website’s distinctive features is the inclusion of extra material, such as actor and staff bios.

Trailers for upcoming films are also available for viewing on this website for registered users. There is only one drawback to this website, and that is the large number of adverts that interrupt the live streaming of the content.

6. Fmovies

As far as user experience goes, FMovies is a joy to use. Free movies and TV shows can be found in a wide variety of genres and subcategories on this site. Among its competitors, this website stands out because of these advantages.

A VPN connection can be used to stream content continuously if users encounter any challenges with quality or server issues. Because the site is free to use, it occasionally displays advertising that annoy the users.

7. GoMovies

If you’re looking for a way to view movies for free, Go Movies is one of the alternatives. There is a big selection of movies and TV shows to choose from on GoMovies, so users may tailor their viewing experience to their personal tastes.

Genres and languages are only a few of the many possibilities accessible on GoMovies websites. Comedy, action, sci-fi, Thriller, Romance, Horror, Drama, and many more are among the genres covered here.

The popularity of movies and television series has skyrocketed recently. As a result, our website is the best option for anyone who wants to view stuff online for free.

8. Moviegoer

In terms of substance, MovieWatcher boasts a colossal collection of both TV series and films. The website was recently redesigned. As a result, users have an easier time adapting to it.

The user interface is extremely user-friendly and pleasant to work with. Compared to the competition, there are far fewer commercials for this company. These adverts interrupt the playback of video content, which causes annoyance for viewers.

In order to utilise Movie Watcher, a user must first register on the site. Users can also view HD-quality content through this method. You should know that registration is completely free and does not entail any further fees.

9. The LosMovies 

English-language movies, television shows, and documentaries can be found on LosMovies. However, viewers have the option of using subtitles in a wide variety of languages. Content can be accessed by non-native speakers thanks to this feature.

New releases and the most watched television shows on LosMovies are available in High Definition (HD). An issue with this website is that commercials appear in the middle of the streamed content.

However, a built-in ad blocker can prevent the adverts from interfering with the user experience..

10. The SolarMovies

SolarMovies updates its website with new material on a regular basis. Users of this website can search through a substantial amount of data. In this way, a real user’s perspective is conveyed.

It has a user interface that stands out from the rest of the competition. The information on this website can be accessed, viewed, or downloaded by anybody who desires to do so. Platform-independent: You can access the content on a computer and on a smartphone.

11. YesMovies 

There are only three options on the YesMovies homepage: movies, TV series, and search. New features on this site have made it more enticing to its visitors. The website’s user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate for visitors.

In addition, the movie’s cast, synopsis, and other features are also included. The trailers for the films can be viewed here as well. It allows viewers to make their own decisions about whether or not to watch based just on the trailer.

12. CMovies

CMovies is a great resource for movie and TV fans of all stripes because it offers a diverse selection of media to keep visitors entertained. Full-length episodes of popular and highly rated television shows are included.

Searching in the search bar yields the desired results quickly and effortlessly. Various genres are available for its consumers to choose from when they have some free time.

13. Movies4u

It’s all free to use Movies4u. A wide variety of content and genres can be streamed through it. Various eras of film and television can be enjoyed.

Home page categories include a genre-by-genre and a year-by-year breakdown of content. Users can make selections from a drop-down menu according to their preferences. This feature sets this website apart from the rest.

14. Infinite Night

The free online streaming service Moonline is a great choice. Movies and TV series of all genres can be found on this site. Users can easily sort the content to get a clear picture of what’s what. It’s up to them how they want it sorted.

There are a wide variety of genres to choose from, including horror, comedy, action, thriller, science fiction, and romance, to name just a few. The site offers a variety of genres for users to select from.

The “replay video capture” option on this website allows users to record the content and play it back at a later time when they have the time available. In addition to other features, this one helps the website stand out.

15. 5Movies 

5Movies is a Putlocker alternative that lets you watch movies and TV shows. Access to all of the content on this site is free of charge. It is possible to download the stuff from the available content. The website does an excellent job of classifying movies.

The content can be sorted in a simple and comfortable manner for the consumers. Android users can access the website via a mobile app.

The public can access free online streaming of unproduced and unlisted films, television shows, dramas, and music recordings. This distinguishes the website from its competitors.


Movie buffs want to view the best online entertainment possible in order to get the most enjoyment out of their time. Because they aren’t willing to settle for anything less than they deserve.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top alternatives to Putlocker so that you may spend your free time viewing movies and TV series on the internet. The material on these websites can be seen for free by visitors.

For the most part, Putlocker alternatives don’t require users to create an account or join up. However, once a person has registered, they can gain access to more content and updates, which is entirely up to the user’s decision.