Harry Potter Quiz

    Welcome to your Harry Potter Quiz

    J. K. Rowling is known for playing around with words when it comes to conjuring up names. This quality of hers is evident in ‘The Mirror of Erised’, for the latter part of the name is an anagram of one of the following:

    A mountain troll had once been let inside the Hogwarts castle by Professor Quirrell. On what occasion did he do so?

    lead the Gryffindor Quidditch team for Harry Potter’s first match?

    The Olivanders’ had been the makers of fine wands since?

    Whose unhealthy yet brief infatuation was Harry a subject of, so much so that she gifted him a pack of Chocolate Cauldrons spiked with a very powerful love potion?

    Whom did Neville Longbottom eventually marry?

    For one to get hold of Slytherin’s locket which Voldemort had transformed into a horcrux and hidden in a seaside cave, which potion would they have to drink whole?

    Which of the following Quidditch teams did Ronald Weasley support?

    The nickname by which Ginny Weasley addressed Fleur Delacour?

    Who founded the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, or S.P.E.W?

    Throughout Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore showed him a number of memories collected from various people. Whose memories did he show Harry first?

    What model was the Weasley’s modified flying car?

    The name of the band that played at the Yule Ball.

    Who among the following was NOT a squib (people with a magical lineage but possessing no magical abilities)?

    The first thing that Draco Malfoy sent via the Vanishing Cabinet at Hogwarts?

    Which of these formed the core of Hermione Granger’s wand?

    Whom did Harry, Ron and Hermione initially suspect of being the heir of Salazar Slytherin during their second year at Hogwarts?

    For Harry, the Half-Blood Prince’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making had been a great source for learning spells, especially curses. Which hex, other than Sectumsempra, did he pick up from the book?

    In which instalment of the Harry Potter series did one of the three deathly hallows make its first appearance?

    Who infiltrated Hogwarts’ by impersonating as Alistor Moody?

    Whose portrait replaced the Fat Lady’s at the entrance of the Gryffindor tower after the latter had been attacked by Sirius Black?

    The minimum age requirement for a student at Hogwarts to take an Apparition test?

    The couple that came over for dinner at the Dursley’s place, an occasion on which Dobby wrecked havoc?

    At what position in the Gryffindor Quidditch team did Ron play?

    The wizard who got assigned to the British Prime Minister’s office post Voldemort’s return?

    While at hiding in a muggle home, what piece of furniture did Horace Slughorn disguise himself as?

    The Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts, whom Voldemort mercilessly fed to Nagini?

    The seer who prophesized the fates of Harry and Voldemort?

    The item Harry stole after breaking into Dolores Umbridge’s office at the Ministry of Magic?

    What gave away Harry, Ron and Hermione’s whereabouts to Fenrir Greyback during their quest for horcruxes?

    The head of the Ravenclaw house.

    By which name did Harry introduce himself to Stan while boarding the Knight Bus?

    Where in Hogwarts would one have happened to find the hidden passage leading to Honeydukes?

    Here stood the Riddle manor, Voldemort’s paternal home.

    Which werewolf had Remus Lupin been attacked by, causing him to turn into one as well?

    What part of his body did Peter Pettigrew leave behind to give the illusion of his own death?

    Ron Weasley’s patronus.

    Whom did Voldemort torture in order to extort the whereabouts of the Elder Wand?

    Rita Skeeter’s animagus form.

    What kind of a dragon was Norbert, who hatched in Hagrid’s hut under his care?

    For whose ‘convenience’ was the Whooping Willow planted to guard the entrance to the Shrieking Shack?

    From whom did Ron receive Pigwidgeon the owl as a gift?

    The grey lady.

    Whose patronus led Harry to find Slytherin’s locket at the bottom of a frozen pond?

    What does O.W.L (examination) stand for?

    A kind of defensive magic that Harry studied under Severus Snape to guard his mind against Voldemort.

    The flavour from Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans that made Dumbledore grow an aversion towards the treat.


    Who was R. A. B?

    Who among the following is NOT directly related of Nymphadora Tonks?

    To whom did the Sorting Hat originally belong?

    Of what material is the core of the Elder Wand made of?

    Who, after Dumbledore, is the first to own the Elder Wand?

    Of which institution had Gellert Grindelwald been a part of?

    Which one of the three deathly hallows did Harry keep with himself after the winning against Voldemort.

    Who among the following did NOT live at Godric’s Hollow at some point in their life?

    From whom did Harry come to know about the Room of Requirement?

    Whom did Draco Malfoy marry?

    The top secret vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank within which the Philosopher’s stone was locked.

    The Weasley family members who worked in the department of International Magical Co-operation at the Ministry of Magic?

    An effect that occurred when the respective wands of Harry and Voldemort connected.

    The school of magic with the smallest student body

    Nicolas Flamel was an alumnus of this institution.

    The dark mark was conjured with this spell.

    The headmaster of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

    The words with which the Harry Potter franchise concludes.

    Who is the ghost of the Gryffindor tower?

    The song Rubeus Hagrid and Horace Slughorn sing together after Aragog’s funeral.

    You know what comes after, “After all this time?”