Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test is a kind of personality test that helps one to socialize among the crowd. Also, there are specific questions in this test related to your personality. Moreover, the rice purity test is taken by some freshers so that they can have a good college life ahead by maintaining cordial relationships with their seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rice Purity Test

Now, this was a brief introduction about what Rice Purity Test is. However, our area of concern in this article is to determine the kind of questions one expects in the same test.


Furthermore, some of the most common Rice Purity Test doubts one can are discussed below.

Q1) When Can The Rice Purity Test Be Taken?

The rise purity test is taken by college-goers or even teenagers for that matter. Moreover, this is usually taken after the conduction of the orientation week. Also, the rice purity test helps students to understand the level of their innocence. Further, it can be called as a test of your experience.

Besides, if a teenager wants to have a healthy relationship with its seniors, then this is probably one of the best methods to opt for. Moreover, taking this rice purity test is a voluntary action of the users. Also, if the users want to have better bonds and sound relations with people who are in their atmosphere, then they should go for this test. Hence, the average age for appearing in this test is the teenager.

Q2) What Score is Considered to Be Decent?

Usually, one cannot comment on what a good or bad score is. This is because the score so scored depends from person to person. Hence, we can say that it varies. Moreover, it is subjective to personality. Further, for one person, a particular range may be a decent score, but, the same range can be considered as an inappropriate score for another person. Therefore, a score which is good for one might be bad for another one.

Also, this variation occurs because people have their values, ethics, morals which differ from one another. Also, every person has a different opinion. However, the rice purity test also asks some of the personal questions, which include questions on drugs, crimes, etc. Therefore, if the scores of these questions are also included in your test, then it is not a positive sign.

Hence, having those scores in your test creates a wrong impression. Further, the bond formed between the people is based on these experiences.

Q3) What ‘Number of Questions’ Test Should I Opt For?

Generally, rice purity test conducts a different set of questions. Further, these are 100 questions test, 500 questions test, and 1000 questions test. To start with, the kind of questions you will get depends upon the type of set you select.

Also, 100 questions set is a but and small and can be completed quickly. Moreover, the 500 questions set and the 1000 questions set are the ones which include a variety of questions and are very diverse type. These include some personal questions related to your relationship status, a criminal background that the individuals might have.

Also, when this rice purity test was originated, it was a 100 questions set then. However, slowly and steadily, the 500 and 1000 questions edition were added. Therefore, the users can go with any score test according to their wish. However, it is generally suggested that one should opt for the set that his/her friend is opting to have a good comparison.

Q4) Should Personality Test Also Be Conducted Along With The Rice Purity Test?

Mostly, this is an individual decision which one should take on his own. Moreover, for some people, this test might be a waste of time. However, on the other hand, for some, it might be a test which results in materialism and also leads to debauchery.

But, it is not mandatory to take part in this because this is nothing, but just a healthy way of helping one to create a bond with the fellow mates. Also, you will see students who straight away go to the college without having a glimpse on this test. Therefore, this test is purely taken voluntarily and not a compulsion basis.

But, this test makes it a bit easier for one to make friends at least during the initial days of the college because it helps you to be with those people who have the same scoreboard as yours.

Q5) Should the Scores Be Shared With The Friends of College?

Now, the answer to this question is dependent on the individual. Some may feel to share it with their peer groups. Meanwhile, there might be some people who would be feeling ashamed to share the scores with their friends. Hence, it is an independent decision. However, one should not be ashamed of the scores that he/she may score in the test.

It is because this test is just a fun-loving test which is not even taken seriously at many times. Hence, there is no need to be disappointed with the kind of score you get. However, sharing the scores that you get in the test with your friends will eventually end up helping you to create even a stronger bond with your peers.

Usually, it is meant for breaking the ice, that is, to make people feel more relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, this is what the test was made for. It helps you to transform yourself from an outsider to a student of the university.

Q6) Is It Okay to Share The Results of the Test On Social Media?

Generally, the main motto of conducting this rice purity test is to help teenagers or freshers create a unique bond with the people in their environment. Therefore, it is not a bucket list. Moreover, there is no compulsion to take part in this and is completely based voluntarily. Also, the questions that are asked in this test are based upon the experiences you have had so far.

As a result, sharing the result of your test on social media depends on you. Further, some people who like to outshine will find it attractive to share it on social media, while, on the other hand, some might not want to do so. However, it is to be noted that one should neither be ashamed to share the scores nor should feel the burden of compulsion to share it. However, it is recommended that you should share your scores on social media when you are unaffected by the comments of other people because it is generally not so severe.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about what others hold an opinion about the kind of score that you get.

Q7) Should the Rice Purity Test Be Taken Repeatedly?

No, it is advisable to appear in this rice purity test again and again. This is because taking part in it repeatedly doesn’t make a change. Because the rice purity asks just some of the general questions which are purely based on your experiences and is a fun-loving activity. Therefore, appearing in it, again and again, is futile and useless.