Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated TikToks

When a Georgia police officer parked his squad car in a remote place along a quiet road in a small Georgia town, he presumably believed no one was looking.

He then walked around the back and began having sex with someone while still wearing his uniform.

Rogue Georgia Cop Caught in Viral X-Rated TikToks

However, someone in a neighbouring communications tower at a high altitude began to record, and last week they posted the films to TikTok, where they swiftly racked up more than 15 million views.

Police were captured on camera! One video included hashtags for “dirty deeds” and “tower climbers” in the caption.

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The cop, identified as Millen Police Officer Larry “Benjamin” Thompson by the local news station WRDW, has now resigned, and a history of previous wrongdoing has been made public.

The identical tower, nearby cemetery, and clumps of dirt and plants that can be seen in the TikTok movies can be seen on satellite maps from White Oak Road in Millen.

A community of roughly 3,500 people about an hour south of Augusta. A school may be seen across the street on the map.

Who Made the Popular Video?

Dillon Cole, a user on TikTok, shared the viral video that shows the policeman having what appears to be oral sex with the woman.

Police were captured on camera! Along with the hashtags #dirtydeeds, #towerclimbers, and #police, Cole added a caption to the video.

Furthermore, since it was posted on March 20 to the social networking site, the aerial video has received over 16 million views.

Speaking of the scandalous occurrence, Police Chief Dwayne Herrington stated that he had scheduled a meeting with Thompson on Monday afternoon to discuss the trending TikTok video, but the officer resigned before the meeting.

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A police officer in Georgia has resigned as a result of numerous X-rated films of him engaging in sexual activity becoming popular on TikTok.

A viral X-rated TikTok video that has been making the rounds on social media for the past several days allegedly shows Larry Ben Thompson.

An officer with the Millen Police Department, having sex with a lady in an open field close to a cemetery. This information was provided by TV station WRDW.